Abortion in Singapore

Abortion can be considered legal or illegal depending on where you live. In Singapore, abortion is legal upon request especially during the first and second trimesters. However, in cases where the life of the pregnant woman is at stake, the procedure can be performed without request.

There is an eligibility requirement for women who want to undergo the procedure. Almost anyone can have abortion in the country. If you are not a Singapore citizen or wife of a local, it is required that you have a minimum of four months stay in the country prior to the abortion request. The doctor will also evaluate the patient if she has a sound body and mind. The woman should also undergo brief counseling. Only qualified abortion counselors are allowed to conduct such activity, and it must be performed at an accredited clinic.

Mandatory counseling is also required for women below 16 years of age who want to undergo abortion. A 48-hour waiting period is mandatory after the patient undergoes counseling. During the first visit, the pregnancy must be confirmed and the woman will undergo counseling. After two days, she will return to the abortion clinic for the procedure or termination of pregnancy.

The cost of abortion ranges from S$400 – S$2,000. It will depend on the anesthesia, package inclusions, and the theatre type employed. Basically, the doctor can perform a vacuum aspiration or a syringe method of abortion, whichever is applicable. It will only take five minutes to complete the procedure.

If you think that other options won’t work, abortion is the best route to take. The doctor will also advise you to fast (without food and water), six hours prior to the procedure.