Benefits of prenatal yoga

Yoga is not just a mere exercise for the body; it is also an exercise that calms the mind and well-being. Because of this holistic approach, the popularity of yoga has soared through the years across the globe and Singapore is not an exemption. As it implanted its roots all over the world, it also has paved the way for a more specific kind which is nowadays called prenatal yoga. With this and the fact that pregnancy occurs everywhere, prenatal yoga studios has mushroomed in the country.

What is yoga?

Contrary to common belief, yoga is neither a trend nor a fad that will pass. Actually it has been practiced for almost 500 years tracing its roots to Hindu philosophy. It is not just a physical practice but mental and spiritual as well. It combines breathing and meditation techniques that awaken a sense of oneness. There are different styles and techniques utilized in yoga. Prenatal yoga is one and it is a less strenuous version that takes into consideration the sensitive state of the expecting mother.

 What are the benefits of prenatal yoga?

Prenatal yoga is exclusively tailored for pregnant women so that it would be easier for them when the big day of delivery comes. Some of the advantages are:

  • Since yoga involves mastering breathing techniques, it will be a big help in pain management during labor.
  • It will also target muscles directly involved in labor and delivery making them more flexible and strong.
  • With yoga, pregnant women will also be able to increase oxygen intake with the same effort that comes with enlarging body.
  • Some yoga poses will also target muscles that will help support your baby bump, reducing strain in lower back and occurrence of back pain.
  • Expecting a baby is an exciting part of a mother’s life. But there are some instances where it will bring stress too. Yoga can help soon-to-be-moms to relax and to be calm, and not focus too much in the few pounds they have gained recently.

To close, yoga is indeed beneficial for pregnant women. However, it is best if you practice it with the supervision of expert instructors and not do it at home. This will avoid injuries that might cause adverse effects.