Can I Buy Insurance For Pregnancy Expenses In Singapore?

Permanent residents and Singapore citizens subsidize health care. Pre-natal care and gynecologist fees are usually paid by the mother/couple, but your insurance can cover delivery costs and ultrasounds.  In most cases, you need to pay the fees out of your own pocket, before and after delivery.

You can buy insurance for pregnancy expenses in Singapore, but the main problem is that it does not cover prenatal care – only possible complications. This is because prenatal care is subsidized by the citizens. If Medisave is not enough, you can purchase insurance to cover caesarian sections, miscarriage, birth defects, and premature births. Such cases can lead to soaring medical bills, so insurance for pregnancy is a good idea.

Ideally, you have to obtain the insurance policy at least ten months before you decide to get pregnant. This is necessary so that the insurer can collect premiums that will be used to cover important pregnancy expenses.

If you are already conceiving, there is another option offered by companies like AXA and Prudential. This is for women that are pregnant for 18 weeks and onwards. The policy can also be transformed into an endowment insurance policy where you can save for the child’s expenses for education.

The baby also has insurance after delivery, and the Medisave will have a total deposit of $3,000. This can help parents or the mother to pay for the MediShield insurance and vaccination costs. Children who are born after March 1, 2013 are also covered automatically by MediShield for neonatal and congenital conditions.

You can look for other options from private insurers if you think that your current insurance policy is not enough.