How Acupuncture can help to Enhance Fertility

The popularity of acupuncture among couples to deal with fertility issue is evident these days.

We know that infertility is a common problem nowadays. The primary reason of the dilemma is often attributed to modern lifestyle. Obviously, the current ways of living affects the health of many couples. For example, many couples face continuous stress due to work challenges, financial problems and other distressing concerns in life. In fact, following different sleeping patterns and having distasteful eating habits to cope up with the daily demands of work have affected the lifestyle of every individual.

In the western society, acupuncture is a new way of addressing fertility concerns. Even though it has existed for thousands of years, westerners only showed off interest of acupuncture to enhance one’s health these days. Consequently, health care providers and researchers exerted more efforts in knowing more about it. To update one’s knowledge, it is time to learn more information of its effectiveness for many health concerns.

How does acupuncture work?

The acu-points on the surface of the body will be stimulated with fine sterile needles. Since these acu-points are located on meridians that innervate certain organ systems, such as The Reproductive System, its stimulation is highly imperative.

When the needles fuel these acu-points, the energy (Qi – pronounced Chi) and blood located at the acu-points are stirred to start circulating all the way through the body into these organs systems to help in recuperating from stress and other illnesses. Simply put, the process is a perfect way to health problems.

Ways that acupuncture can improve fertility for men and women

Basically, acupuncture can help both men and women in dealing with infertility. For women, it regulates the menstrual cycle through correcting any hormonal imbalances. To improve egg quality, it enhances follicular development. It also thickens the lining so when fertilisation of an egg has occurred the uterus is ready to assist in implantation of the embryo.

Acupuncture is also helpful in regulating the effects of stress on the body. Remember, stress will affect the regulation of ovulation and menstruation. Hence, personal problems are detrimental to conception. With the help of acupuncture, women can avoid inflammation caused by other diseases and illnesses that contribute to infertility. In relation to IVF, modern day research has found acupuncture improves success of fertility by 40 – 60 per cent when administered before and after embryo transfer.

On the other hand, men can also benefit from acupuncture. One of its advantages is to enhance sperm quality and increase sperm count. It also avoids sperm motility and abnormality. In order for men to cope up with stress, acupuncture is also a solution. However, effectively addressing lifestyle choices is highly recommended to make the procedure useful for men. In other words, eating nutritious food, following a reliable exercise regimen and avoiding stressful activities are essential.

Do both partners need acupuncture?

It is important that partners are present during the first consultation. It is the best time to talk about specific concerns with your acupuncturist to agree on the most effective strategy to improve your chances of success. Remember, acupuncture is known to develop sperm quality temporarily for 3 days. In that sense, some men prefer to have acupuncture around the time of their partner’s ovulation.

We think that it takes two to conceive a baby. Therefore, the health of both parents is vital to success.

How long before you can conceive?

Every couple must learn that the possibility of conceiving a baby after every treatment is dependent on several factors that exist among each person. For instance, couples must consider some elements such as age, health status, dietary habits, lifestyle choices and more. These factors definitely contribute to the duration of the treatment and the cycles of healing a man or a woman. Generally, one cycle of treatment is 12 acupuncture sessions.

It is necessary that your acupuncturist provides accurate information after 4 – 5 sessions. In that way, your body can have enough time to demonstrate how it responds to the treatment. Basically, your acupuncturist will be able to talk about this in detail based on individual conditions.

Is acupuncture safe and are the needles re-used?

It’s a good thing that the needles are not re-used. In fact, acupuncture needles are sterile surgical stainless steel and are packed as single use needles for retail purposes. In other words, acupuncturists are expected to discard the needles in a safe manner after using it. In addition, there are important techniques to avoid unsettling treatment with acupuncturists. Since they’re educated on anatomy as well as techniques on maximising the effects achieved through acupuncture, patients don’t have to worry. However, it is imperative to discuss such concerns when scheduling an appointment in order to ensure safety and comfort every treatment process. It will also help patients in feeling comfortable with the practitioner’s qualifications and skill.