How Do You Increase Your Chances Of Having A Baby Boy?

Being blessed with a healthy baby is enough to bring joy to parents but it is quite normal to somehow be in control of choosing a child’s gender. There are different methods that you can use in order to increase the chances of conceiving a specific gender. In fact, you can come across different methods on Internet that gives different suggestions in giving birth to a baby boy.

One way of the determining factors of the baby’s gender is your partner’s sperm. The female sperm refers to X chromosomes and the male sperm refers to Y chromosomes. The male sperm is usually fragile and much smaller than the female sperm. During sexual intercourse, it is important to get as close to the ovulation cycle as possible. This means that intercourse should happen on the day of ovulation.

It is also worth giving ovulation kits a try. These kits are intended to increase your precision in determining your ovulation day. Prior to ovulating, you may detect an increase in luteinizing hormone and the chances of conceiving a boy becomes much greater when you have sex about 12 hours of seeing the increase of luteinizing hormone in the kit.

Couples are not also advised to have sex when there is fertile cervical mucous present. It is important that both parties should keep watch of the day of ovulation because the closer you get to the ovulation day the more chances you have of conceiving a baby boy.