How Do You Increase Your Chances Of Having Twins?

There are different ways to increase the odds of conceiving twins. However, the process can be expensive and tedious. In most cases, conceiving twins can be fraternal and it is usually rare to have identical twins. This is due to the fact that one egg has the tendency to split and these are released at the time of ovulation. It can also be possible to increase the chances of giving birth to twins using natural methods.

Folic acid supplement can be helpful in terms of conceiving twins. It can increase your chances by 40 per cent. It is also possible to have twins when women gain weight during pregnancy. It is also interesting to note that tall women also have higher chances of having twins.

Dairy products, according to one study by Dr. Gary Steinman, a known physician from the Long Island Jewish Medical Center, are five times more likely to increase the possibility of giving birth to twins. Women who consume more vegetables are less likely to have a chance to conceive twins.

Women over 45 have more chances of conceiving twins as well due to producing much higher levels of FSH. The increase of FSH levels cause women to be over stimulated causing the release of more than one egg during the process of ovulation.