How much does it cost to have a baby in Singapore?

If you and your partner are already planning to have a baby, or rather, if you already received the good news that a baby is coming your way, you might just be thinking about the joy of parenthood as well as the financial cost that comes with it.

Prenatal Checkup Fees

The cost of having a baby in Singapore is typically not cheap. For example, the regular session with your gynaecologist will set you back about $60 to $150 depending whether you are in a private or public hospitial.

Prenatal Consultation Packages
Some gynaecologist does Prenatal consultations in a package of 10. The package prize varies between private and public hospitals and from each hospital in these categories. Singapore General Hospital is pegged at around S$387 while private hospitals such as Mount Elizabeth are approximately double that prize.

Ultrasounds fees
Ultrasounds which are also a necessity during pregnancy is typically not included in these packages and they are about S$170 each.

Cost of Hospital Labor Packages
Another substantial difference in costs is the delivery procedure and the length of stay in the hospital. The standard natural delivery will only require you 2 days worth of stay while Caesarean delivery will make you stay in the hospital for about 5 days. The average for a natural delivery in KKH is around S$983 but you have to settle in the lowest ward category. The same basic service in a privately run hospital such as Mount Alvernia is about S$1,370. However, if the delivery is complicated and a Caesarean section is required, then the price will go up significantly.

Extra charges for Foreigner
It doesn’t end there. If you are a foreigner, you have to have your baby vaccinated as mandated in Singapore Law. This S$800-S$900 fee is waived for nationals though.

After birth care
After giving birth, you probably need to hire a nanny which is around S$2000-$3000 to take care of your baby while you are recuperating.

Pregnancy Medical Insurance
You may also want to consider maternity health insurance which can cover the cost for the whole duration of the pregnancy which is up to S$25,000!

With this breakdown in costs, it is definitely not cheap having a baby in Singapore however it should never be the reason that stop you from doing it as the joy of having a child is priceless.