How to Adopt a Baby in Singapore

With Singapore’s low birth rate, adopting a baby has become more and more common and easier as years passed by. For some, adoption was their last resort after trying several shots at having their own baby, but for many, adoption is their way of giving a child a home and a family. In Singapore, if you are really keen on adopting but lack the resources needed for the process, there is the Ministry of Social and Family Development and some other non-profit groups that can help you out.

Before you start jumping with excitement, be sure reminded that in order for you to adopt, you should be more than 21 years older than the child you are planning to adopt or at least 25 years old. Unlike other countries which require marriage, Singapore government lets this pass for women. Meaning, single women can adopt, but not single men. You can only adopt children under 21 years old and all the other requirements mentioned above is for local child adoption only and it is not for people adopting someone related to them.

It is harder to adopt a Singaporean child even if the process is easy because very few babies are given up by their biological parents; therefore they have a long waiting list. Adopting a foreign baby on the other hand is more complicated but will be faster if done the right way. Most babies are adopted from China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. But you have to double check each country’s requirements as some of them will need Home Study Reports from you so as to check your capabilities in becoming parents. For China, the Touch Community Services and Fei Yue Community Services, both are non-profit organizations, are the only bodies which can handle adoption. In others, you can ask the help of private agencies to fast track results but it will come with a price tag as high as $30,000 for a baby boy.

To summarize, if you are planning to adopt a foreign baby, your first stop is at the MSF or the private agency you have chosen to assist you. The first step will last around 5 weeks but will take longer for foreigners as they will have to go through the embassy first. Once you or your agency found a child, the Home Study Report should be submitted and at the same time, you should go and apply at MSF for a Dependent’s Pass. If it is approved, then your baby will be given an entry visa so that you can go to the birthplace of your baby and work out some papers required by that country. After returning to Singapore, you must personally show up at MSF with your baby to sign the security bond for your new financial responsibility and to also pick up the Dependent’s Pass.