How to Boost and Maintain fertility

Every married couple would feel complete if they have a little angel to kiss at night or run around with during playtime. Having a child does not start by simply having sex. Sex (for conception purposes) is useless not until every party is fertile enough to create a baby.
Defining Fertility
Fertility is the state of being fertile or a state where one has the capability to produce offspring. This state is the very origin of pregnancy and to attain this, the egg cell of the woman and the sperm cell of the man should come into maturity. Cell maturity takes about 120 days- this number should be noted by those who want to conceive, address infertility problems or maybe preserve the fertility status.
The current fertility status of a person highly depends on his/her activities 120 days ago. This means that if the person engaged into healthy activities four months ago that can preserve or help his/her egg mature, conception would surely be a reality at this point in time. On the other hand, if the person did nothing in the past 120 days to preserve or help his/her egg mature, conception would definitely be a failure.
Boosting your Fertility
Research shows that optimizing one’s health before having sex (to conceive) increases the chance of conception by 78.4%. This is true for those who have a history of infertility. Furthermore, the conception rate increases to 47.1% for those who wish to conceive through invitro-fertilization (IVF).
The above result simply implies that for couples to achieve their dream of having a baby, they should engage into healthy habits and lifestyle before attempting conception. Applying the knowledge on egg and sperm cell maturity (120 days), couples should engage into natural and healthy activities for four months or 120 days before acting it out on bed. Allowing the eggs to mature and doing things that can complement their maturity prepares the couple for effective conception.
This strategy is not a one shot management for all infertility cases. Optimum fertility requires a comprehensive and multifaceted approach and this is just the tip of it. Proper physician assessment should still be considered to fully establish the cause and management of infertility.
The First Three Months of Pregnancy
The first three months, once conception is established, is very crucial. This stage is termed as the first trimester of pregnancy. Here, both parents should be healthy because the baby is starting to form its vital organs (e.g. heart, brain, spine, abdominal organs, and the likes). The mother, as much as possible, should be free from diseases and the father should keep away from vices such as smoking inside the house (second hand smoking increases the risk of deformity and maldevelopment of the baby).
To make the first three months successful, parents should still continue their healthy lifestyle (just like what they did during the pre conception stage). Most of the time, the first three months of pregnancy go unnoticed. Some parents would go back to their old habits or engage into unhealthy lifestyle (maybe because of the stress of trying out to conceive) thinking that the act was unsuccessful. At the end of the day, regrets flood in incessantly especially if the pregnancy kit says POSITIVE.
To prevent regrets, prepare the future parents for tons of stress and prepare the baby to see world, preconception healthy habits should still be continued even after pregnancy is established.
Preconception Healthy Habits
What are the things that can be done to effectively achieve fertility and make the body ready for conception? Well, there are tons.
One is eating healthy foods. The ideal quality and quantity of food should be consumed. Some thinks that eating a lot to conceive is enough (especially for underweight women). This is wrong. The mix of carbohydrates, protein and fats should be seen during mealtime and so as supplementation for vitamins.
Second is environment and lifestyle. The environment has the capability to create stress that can affect egg and sperm maturity. To create a safe environment, toxic chemicals (e.g. insecticides, perfumes with toxic chemicals, cigarette smoke and the likes) should be eliminated. Moreover, the intake of unprescribed drugs, coffee, beer and alcohol should not be practiced especially when trying out to conceive.
Third is emotion. Emotion comes from the mind. The mind, being the control unit of the body, has the capability to weaken the body system. If the mind is set in a positive way, positive emotions come out and the body becomes stronger as well. With this said, couples should always create a positive emotion or tension between them. This can be done through executing actions that reflect love, understanding and acceptance. If the two is happy in the relationship and is positive about conception, then there is a strong possibility of conceiving.
These are some of the things that couples should know to fully prepare them for conception. Having a baby is not a one sided act-but two. Both the wife and the husband should do their part to achieve a positive outcome.