How to curb your late night pregnancy cravings

Normally, it’s okay to give in to any cravings. But when you are pregnant, you have to be cautious because it’s not just about you anymore but for the baby’s sake too. For some women who are extremely fortunate, their cravings usually consist of fruits. But for some, chicken lollipops and chips are constantly hunting their thoughts. In normal circumstances, this is nothing but natural and there is no problem with giving into it. But the problem is if you are at risk with heartburn, diabetes, indigestion, high-blood pressure and other pregnancy-related complications, you should start having second thoughts before opening that bag of chips. So how should you deal with it?

Make yourself busy as a bee
When you are idle, tendency is, your mind will start drifting to food. This will make your cravings more frequent. Distract yourself especially when it is near bedtime such as reading a book, a magazine, arts and crafts such as cross-stitching or knitting or solving some puzzles.

Milk can work wonders
When you stomach is revolting, it doesn’t always mean it’s hungry. Sometimes, it only wants to be soothed. If it happens, warm up a glass of milk and it will even help you sleep faster.

Eat more fiber
Food rich in fiber will make you feel full longer than others as it takes longer to digest. This is of course aside from the fact that it is very healthy. Add more of it into your diet and you will be hitting two birds with a single stone.

Healthy snacks
If you still feel hunger after all of these suggestions, indulge yourself with healthy snacks such as baby carrots, bananas, oatmeal and crackers. This will help you keep your weight in check.

Adjust your bed time
The longer you stay up all night, the higher the tendency for cravings. This is especially the case when you are watching TV which is filled with food advertisements. If you sleep earlier, not only do you avoid cravings but you also get to have more sleep.