How to cure pregnancy heartburn without medication

Once you know that a miracle is on the way, you will be ecstatic, happy and you will be looking forward to the day that you can hold your baby in your arms. But before that day comes, your body will undergo many changes and a lot of them is really uncomfortable. One of which is heartburn. Although it is not a serious threat to the mother and the baby, it doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable. Here are some tips in dealing with heartburn without resorting to popping pills morning, noon and night:

First, you should know what triggers heartburn and try your best to avoid them. Usually, the main culprits include citrus food, spicy food, chocolates and colas. Of course you can have them if you can’t control your cravings, just be sure that you do so at minimal proportions. In any case, when you are eating these foods, try not to hit the sack right away.

Second, remember that the bigger the meal portion you are going to eat, the higher the probability that you will experience heartburn or a reflux after. This has to do with your digestive system is stretch to its limits and being pregnant means you already have slower digestion than normal.

Third, it is good to drink lots of water but do not drink it while you are still eating. This will just add in the volume going to your tummy that stretches it further.

Fourth, as tempting it may sound, feel and look, do not lie down and take a nap after eating. Try your best to resist the calling of the couch or the bed for at least an hour. At night, either you adjust your sleeping time or your dinner time so that you have eaten three hours before your bedtime. When you do, elevate your head and your legs with a few pillows so that it can open up airways for a better breathing experience.

Fifth, remember that maternity clothes are loose-fitting for a reason. Tight clothes will not just make you uncomfortable and silly-looking but it can also cause further indigestion.

Sixth, you can try popping breath mints so that it triggers saliva production in your mouth which will in turn reduce acid in your esophagus. It will also remove the metallic taste lingering in your mouth. ]

Lastly, it is important to remember that even pregnant women need exercise. It will control your weight, regulate blood pressure and it can also help tame those raging hormones.