How to increase fertility for women

Women are not aware that there are many factors affecting their pregnancy. That is why for women who want to increase their chances of conceiving they should make lifestyle and diet changes. Listed below are just some of the things a woman needs to keep in mind in order to increase fertility:

Avoid Stress
Stress affects the fertility of women, most especially psychological stress. There’s a study that links mental stress with decreased chances of conception. To avoid stress, just make sure to do some relaxation exercises.

Avoid Coffee
There is a link between drinking coffee and miscarriages. Women who drink more than two cups of coffee per day, are more likely to get a miscarriage. It doesn’t really affect fertility directly but it does affect the probability of a successful pregnancy.

Avoid Smoking
Smoking causes the woman to age prematurely. This means that even their ovaries are aging. Consequently, the chemicals in cigarettes destroy the eggs and or alter the quality of the eggs.

Avoid Drinking
Just like in men, alcoholic drinks such as beer makes the body produce hormones that would decrease fertility. For women who are really keen on conceiving, avoiding alcoholic drinks is the way to go.

Eat Vitamin Rich Foods
Women should eat foods rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, zinc and selenium. These nutrients aid in having a regular ovulation.
Have yourself checked by a doctor
Women with longer ovulation periods must have themselves checked. There should only be 25-35 days in between periods counting from the first day of menstruation. If there’s a problem with ovulation, there’s decreased chance of conceiving.