How to Increase Male Fertility

Due to increased awareness, male fertility problems have reduced significantly over the years. There are several ways that a guy can increase his fertility. Listed below are just some tips on how a guy can increase his fertility:

Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks
Drinking has been linked to a low sperm count. Beer particularly can produce hormones that reduce men’s fertility.

Avoid Smoking
Smoking has been found to cause impotence in almost 50 percent of smokers. Impotence is an infertility problem that reduces the chances of a man to perform sexually.

Avoid Wearing Tight Jeans
A man’s sperm is very sensitive to temperature. The higher the temperature, the lower the sperm count. Wearing tight pants and briefs increases the temperature thus reducing the sperm count. It is important that a man wear loose pants and underpants to increase the sperm count.

Eat Organic Foods
It has been said that eating organic foods is best. There’s a direct link between pesticides and chemicals in food and low sperm rates.

Eat Zinc-Rich Foods
Zinc is an important mineral in increasing fertility. Zinc is found in meat and fish products. It is also found in vegetables and grains.

Avoid Tap water and caffeinated drinks
Tap water is said to be contaminated with hormones that reduce a man’s fertility. Drinking caffeinated drinks also decrease sperm count.