How to Increase the Chances of Conceiving a Baby Boy

Selecting the gender of a baby is still a highly debated medical topic. A lot of fertility experts and health practitioners do not believe that a couple can select the gender of their baby by doing some old rituals or procedures. Although some researchers have tried to prove that this can be done. If you are hoping for a baby boy, here are some tips you can try in order to conceive a baby boy:

  • Use the “gender” diet- According to this belief, in order to conceive a boy, you should avoid acidic foods. Acidic foods can make the woman’s vaginal environment not suitable for Y sperm (Y sperms are for the males). Eating some specific foods is also believed to increase the chances of a baby boy. Some examples are cabbage, onion, lettuce, celery, cauliflower, garlic, cucumber, flax, lentils, carrots, pork, beef and pumpkin. Basically, the idea is to alkalize the body. According to beliefs a woman with an alkaline body has a higher chance of conceiving a boy. In addition to this, you may encourage your partner to drink a caffeinated drink before sex.
  • Use the Shettles method- This method was developed by Landrum B. Shettles who pioneered the in vitro fertilization. This method tackles three important concepts which are
  1. Timing- The closer the intercourse to the day of the ovulation, the higher chance to conceive a baby boy.
  2. Sexual Position- Deeper penetration during the sexual intercourse can also increase chances of a baby boy.
  3. Orgasm- This term is defined as accumulated sexual tension. According to Shettles, female orgasms are good for couples who want to conceive a boy.
  • Use the Chinese fertility calendar- According to Chinese beliefs, the gender of the baby can be determined by the lunar age of the mother.


There are many other beliefs and tales on how to conceive a baby boy. If it will not affect your relationship as a couple, there is no harm in trying. If you have other questions, you may ask for the sound advice of fertility experts.