How to Increase the Chances of Conceiving a Baby Girl

Some couples may want a specific gender for their baby. In general, there is no proven way to make sure that your baby is a girl or boy aside from IVF. Each gender has an equal chance during pregnancy. Although, there are some beliefs about how to choose the gender of the baby before it is conceived.

If you badly want to conceive a baby girl, here are some tips which supposedly can increase the chance of having a baby girl:

  • Have sexual intercourse days before the ovulation. This is related to the fact the female sperms live longer and are bigger than male sperms.
  • Use the Shettles method- Developed by Landrum B. Shettles, this method revolves around three important concepts which are
  1. Timing- To increase the chance to conceive a baby girl, sexual intercourse is done days before the ovulation and not on the days which are very close to ovulation day. It is therefore important to record your ovulation day.
  2. Sexual Position- Shallow penetration during the sexual intercourse can also increase chances of a baby girl.
  3. Orgasm- This term is defined as accumulated sexual tension. According to Shettles, male orgasms are good for couples who want to conceive a girl.
  • In order to conceive a girl, include the following in your diet: cottage and parmesan cheese, corn cereals, plums, prunes, pasta, fish, green vegetables, turkey and chicken. As a general rule, the body needs to be acidic in order to increase the chances of having a baby girl.
  • Chinese fertility calendar- According to the Chinese, the gender of the baby can be determined by the lunar age of the mother. Chinese experts can give you specific dates on when to have sexual intercourse.


It is important to note that there is no proven way to select the gender of a baby, unless, conception was done using in the laboratory via IVF or In Vitro Fertilization. Although, you may still try the tips we listed above if they will not complicate anything in your relationship and if they are not contraindicated in your general health condition