How to Prevent Stretch Marks

Unfortunately, stretch marks are inevitable during pregnancy. Unlike pregnancy weight, they don’t go away as easily. It would take years for them to disappear or blend in. Although some women treat it as a medal for the miracle of life they went through for nine months, most, on the other hand are not happy about it. Well, no one could really blame them because stretch marks are very unsightly. But the good news is, they can be minimized and can fade over time.

Watch your weight. In order to help your body deal with stretch marks, always remember that the primary culprit that causes them is sudden weight gain. On top of that, during the 9 months that you will be carrying the baby in your womb, your body will be subjected to tremendous hormonal changes. This often brings a purplish color to stretch marks. In order to manage these marks, make sure that you won’t let your skin stretch too much at a very short time.  Gain the weight slowly by watching your diet. Of course, eating more is not unavoidable as you will be eating for two. But when you are conscious about your health and your skin, it should always start with what you put in your mouth.

Moisturize your skin. Making your skin elastic through moisturizing is also a proven way to minimize stretch marks. By putting moisturizing creams such cocoa butter, special creams for pregnant women or taking in Vitamin E, there is a bigger chance for your skin to stretch with minimal marks.

Exercise. Pregnancy is not a license to lie down on the couch all day. You have to stretch, do some light exercises as it will not just be good for your heart but for your skin as well. The more muscles that you have, the better toned your skin is. But don’t forget to discuss all of the routines you are planning to do with your doctor.