How to Relieve Back Pain during Pregnancy

It is common for women in their second to third trimester to experience back problems. During pregnancy the center of gravity shifts slightly forward. The back will try to compensate this shift thus putting more strain on the back muscles. Listed below are some helpful tips to relieve back pain during pregnancy.

Have a lumbar support pillow
Sitting for longer periods of time puts too much strain on one’s back. Try to put a lumbar support pillow, or a round pillow that fits in between the crook of one’s back. This will help to ease the strain on the lower back. And also, take a break every 30 minutes since sitting puts greater pressure one one’s back compared to standing. So, stand up and stretch or walk around before sitting back down again.

Lie on your back
Lying supine during pregnancy will greatly strain the back. It is best to lie on your side and then put a pillow in between your flexed legs.

Wear flats
Since the center of gravity shifts forward, wearing heels is extremely dangerous and can even cause instability. It is best to wear comfortable flat shoes. Heels have a tendency to put a strain one one’s back, more so during pregnancy.
Sit up straight or stand up straight
We hear this often, but having a good posture even when not pregnant is very important to reduce the back strain. Avoid slouching by keeping shoulders back.

Avoid heavy lifting
Pregnant women must avoid heavy lifting at all cost. However, if you really must lift something, try to bend your knees first and then use your legs as support. Do not bend forward since it will strain your back.