How to Remove Stretch Marks after Pregnancy?

Many new mothers complain about their stretch marks, and getting rid of these unsightly marks can be difficult. Consider the tips below to remove stretch marks after pregnancy.

You can start by investing on a quality moisturizer that is all natural and safe. Try making a moisturizer from Vitamin E cream, olive oil, and cocoa butter. Simply mix the ingredients and apply on the affected area.

Some women are more prone to getting stretch marks than others, and if you already have them, there is no need to get discouraged. With proper skin care, you can reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Don’t allow your skin to become extremely dry. Did you know that hot bath/shower and cold weather can lead to dry skin? While your skin is still moist from the shower, you can apply baby oil or lotion and pat your skin to dry. This is a good way to keep the skin moisturized.

There are commercial creams that promise to get rid of stretch marks. The truth is that you can’t remove the stretch marks permanently. All you can do is reduce its appearance. All the natural remedies to stretch marks work, so try them out and see significant improvement on your belly area.