Is It Normal for My Baby to Hiccup All the Time?

Babies hiccup all the time, and this is one thing that parents should know. According to medical professionals, the hiccup is due to reflux. As long as your baby is well, there is nothing to worry about. Whether your baby is breastfed or bottle-fed, getting the hiccup is very common.

The hiccup is often a result of reflux. There is a muscular valve that keeps the food inside the tummy. This valve is found at the food pipe’s end and it is not fully developed yet, and this causes acid or food to back up. When reflux happens, your baby can spurt a small amount of milk followed by the hiccup.

In babies where the reflux is severe, vomiting can happen. However, you don’t have to worry. For parents who are overly concerned about vomiting, you can always consult your baby’s pediatrician for more information.

To prevent hiccups, you can hold your little one for about 20 minutes on an upright position. You can also try small amount but frequent feeding. Bottle-fed babies should be burped every 2-3 minutes during feeding. These are some things that you can do if you to ease the reflux and limit the number of hiccups in a day.