Is it Safe to Have Intercourse during First Trimester

Some people say that it’s safe to have intercourse during pregnancy. There are women with spiked interest in sex while pregnant, but there are also those who don’t want any intercourse.

Generally, sex during pregnancy is safe. However, women with threatened miscarriage especially during the first trimester are advised to refrain from having sexual intercourse. How will you know if you can’t have sex? Once you have a delayed menstrual period, you have to consult your doctor or OB Gyne. Only a medical professional can determine if you can have intercourse or not.

The first trimester is usually the time where early miscarriages occur. If you are having a difficult pregnancy, you should consider not having any intercourse at all. Miscarriage can occur anytime during the first trimester due to chromosomal abnormalities and other problems. If you decide to have intercourse despite the warning of your doctor, you will suffer the consequences.

Having sexual intercourse will not do any harm to the baby because the amniotic fluid and uterus muscles protect your little one. However, with the advice of a doctor, you may or may not engage in intercourse. It would be wise for the couple to talk about this matter privately because pregnancy is going to make a lot of changes into their lives.