Is Pregnancy Ultrasound Harmful To Baby?

There are pregnant women who are quite apprehensive about getting ultrasound scanning due to the fact that doing so can pose dangers to both their own health and the baby’s. Ultra sound scanning is capable of producing physiological effects such as blood flow and temperature increase, mechanical effects and many others. Ultrasound scanning is not considered harmful to expectant moms. However, it is still essential to follow clear guidelines especially in terms of using the scans in pregnancy.

Ultrasound is necessary during the period of pregnancy for early detection of birth defects of abnormalities. Unlike X-ray, ultrasound is not using any radiation. Ultrasound is performed to confirm that the mother’s placenta is healthy and normally attached. It is also one way to determine that the baby is growing normally.

There have been various studies regarding the dangers of ultrasound scanning in pregnant women and numerous studies have proven that there is no link between birth defects and ultrasound. It is important that only fully trained staff carries out the scanning process. This ensures safety and accuracy. One thing that pregnant women must keep in mind is that the process of ultrasound scanning must be performed as quickly as possible.
In the early weeks, moms should not considering ultrasound scan as the baby is still developing. At 12 weeks, the baby’s bones are still developing and it is said that bone tends to heat up more quickly than soft tissue. For moms with fever, the scan should be done in a brief manner.