Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is probably one of the most wonderful things any woman could ever experience in her life. Being able tobear a new life for nine months and seeing your bundle of joy after all the waiting is definitely a momentous event in any mother’s life.

But pregnancy is not all roses. The 210 or more days of bearing pain, caused by the changes your body is going through is not an easy feat. Here are the most common sickness experienced by mothers during pregnancy. Are you having one of these?

Some mothers experience morning sickness during early stages of their pregnancy. Usually occurring until the 12th week, this condition affects more than half of pregnant women. While some are lucky not to undergo this unfortunate ordeal, others experience the worst kinds of early morning conditions, which usually progresses even throughout the day. Morning Sickness is especially harder to moms who are at the same time working and have decided to continue on with their career as long as they can.

Most mommies experience vomiting and nausea during the course of Morning Sickness, while some would feel feverish and extreme fatigue as well as loss of appetite all at the same time. Experts say that increase in hormone estrogen, low blood sugar, and sensitivity to odors are some of the causes of Morning Sickness. Others attest that it is the body’s defense mechanism for both the mommy and the baby during the course of pregnancy.

Good thing there are safe solutions in combating this pregnancy dilemma. However, ask your doctor first before taking any medicine, as you are not only caring for yourself,but for your baby as well. Some can even sacrifice a little without having to resort to medicines. Just a bit of relaxation and good alternative medicines like ginger and aromatheraphy do wonders for them.

However hard it is to go through a morning sickness, remember you are definitely not alone in this ordeal. But despite how painful this experience may be, like everything else, Morning Sickness shall pass. Just remember that these are the little sacrifices you do for your baby, which makes the whole journey worthwhile.