Nausea during Pregnancy? Helpful remedies to cure morning sickness

There are few women who are lucky enough to experience pregnancy without morning sickness. Yes, as in no nausea and no vomiting at all. They just normally wake up each morning while waiting for the baby to come out. But not all women are that lucky to experience such wonderful pregnancy experience. When we talk about pregnancy, nausea and vomiting were usually associated with it because they were the usual symptoms that occur during that period and honestly, women who experienced it during pregnancy will definitely tell you the misery they’ve experience. There is no exact medication that can absolutely cure morning sickness but let us not lost all our hopes as there are still things that we can do that can at least lessen the symptoms.

You can’t avoid morning sickness as it will strikes you all through the day but what makes it really worst are your eating habits as well as the environment.  Below are the things that you need to avoid or the “Don’ts” to help you lessen the misery that brought by morning sickness.

  • Skipping any meal.
  • Eating oily or peppery foods, garlic, onion, or acidic fruits and vegetables.
  • Drinking when you are eating.
  • Alcoholic drinks as well as highly caffeinated products.
  • Getting yourself dehydrated.
  • Lie down for two hours after eating.
  • Execute excessive workouts and avoid doing task that engage strong smells like cleaning using fragranced products.
  • Smoking cigarettes or even inhaling second hand smoke.
  • Wearing too tight or formfitting garments.
  • Getting too anxious as it will surely makes symptoms worse than expected.

Being pro-active is also one way of preventing or easing the symptoms of morning sickness during pregnancy.

Here are the “Do’s” to lessen morning sickness symptoms.

You need to eat:

  • Some salty food prior to each meal.
  • Dry cereal for breakfast.
  • Protein-rich foods.
  • Cold foods.

You should also consider the following:

  • Small meals should be eaten after a couple of hours and drink water slowly.
  • Carbonated drinks or drinks containing electrolytes should be present.
  • Getting up slowly in the morning and taking a nap during the day is a must.
  • Have a better sleep during night time.
  • Stay in a cool place.
  • Cooking and sleeping should be done in at least well- ventilated room.

And fortunately, there are Herbal remedies available out there to help you out easing morning sickness symptoms. And few of those are Preggie Pops, Ginger, Non-nausea inducing essential oil, Vitamin B6 and Herbal Tea which are widely available nowadays.

But take note; there are herbal supplements that might contribute to your morning sickness. There are products that you might enjoy before pregnancy that might not suitable for you at the moment, that’s why it’s necessary to consult your doctor about the pills or medicines that you are still taking.