Packing checklist: Bringing baby home from the hospital

Aside from your hospital bag and your husband’s as well, a more important bag needs to be packed. And that is none other than your baby’s bag.

Basic hospital needs

This part is usually overdone by lots of expecting moms. Be assured that the hospital will take care of your baby and his basic needs until you are ready to take him home. For one, they will bathe and swaddle him for you until your release date.

Things you need to bring him home

As mentioned earlier, the hospital will first take care of your child until you are ready to take him to his new home. It is important to remember that you will be travelling with him from the hospital to your house without the nurses and the doctors so you should remember to pack the things he will need for his first ever journey in the real world.

First, your own personal clothing

Second, are the baby clothes. Although you may want him to be dressed in the latest style, it is not actually advisable. Babies should wear soft and very comfortable clothes as their skin is very sensitive. They also need mittens and a baby cap.

Third, don’t forget to bring a baby blanket which you will use to swaddle him.

Fourth, you don’t want things to be messy so pack some diapers for emergencies.

Lastly, you can opt to have a pacifier especially because you only just gave birth. There are some new mothers who are having difficulty in producing milk following the delivery. So if in case you are unfortunately one of them, having a pacifier will help stop your baby from crying.