Pregnancy hospital bag checklist

A hospital bag is the only bag that you need and the first thing you will grab when you are about to go the hospital for a delivery. This will help you not forget essential things that you are supposed to bring. Most parents, if not all, are always panicking when the water bag breaks and it will be difficult to remember things. That is why you have to pack your hospital bag when you are in your third trimester and not on the day of the delivery.
What to pack
First things first, be reminded that you will be admitted to a hospital and not on Sahara desert. They have some of the stuff that you need there that is why you don’t have to pack the whole grocery store. For example, you don’t have to pack a bag of cottons because a hospital has lots of it and you are entitled to use some of their resources.
The first thing that that you should put in your bag are the documents that has to do with the delivery such as birth plans, identity cards, and any document that you need for the insurance.
After all the documents are neatly stacked, complete your toiletries next specifically your toothbrush, shower essentials, tissues, lip balm, and of course the sanitary pads.
Clothes and Sleepwear
Don’t forget that you shouldn’t be naked in the hospital. Bring underwear, a night gown, a nursing bra and a pair of clothes for the trip home.
These are your things which should be separate from the baby’s. Also, soon-to-be-dad should also have his own bag that include his clothes, a jacket, some energy bars, bottled water, his iPad or a mini gaming console, and of course a camera to capture this very rare moment!