Newborn baby and pets at home

A baby on the way is as exciting as bungee jumping. But if you have had your ‘first’ baby alone for too long, you might need to help your pet adjust to the new baby you will soon bring home.  Although it seems like a long, hard road, it can be made easier by starting now that you are still pregnant. You don’t have to overhaul your whole lifestyle, routine or your house but there are certainly some rules you have to abide by to make sure that you baby will be safe around your pet and that the pet will have a smooth transition when the new apple of your eyes comes around.

How to introduce your pet and your baby

Obviously, you can’t warn a pet of what is coming as easily as you can with a person. However, you can start desensitizing pets to a new life with a baby as early as during pregnancy. You can start off with introducing it with toys, nursery furniture and of course the crib. You should train it with appropriate behavior such as not jumping on the crib and not chewing on the toys. Your pet should also see you carrying a doll so that it can get use to the idea of you having a different bundle of joy in your arms. Also, don’t forget to bring home some blankets from the hospital used by the baby before you actually bring her home. Since pets have incredibly sensitive smell, they will recognize the smell. After a while, you can arrange a pet-baby bonding with strict supervision of course. Remember to give yourself and your pet alone time so that it won’t get jealous for all the attention it no longer receives.

There are some safety precautions that you should still take aside from the fact that you should train your dog. One, even if it is so cute that your dog or your cat loves to lick your baby’s face, you should not let this happen. A baby’s immune system is not as strong as an adult’s. There are infectious materials that may pass from an animal’s saliva into the baby’s system if you let this happen. The other precaution is to observe carefully if your baby is having allergic reactions to animal dander.  These are some of the safety measures, but then again, pets are always good for the child.