What are the Pregnancy Symptoms during the Second Trimester

Second trimester is defined as the 13th to 27th week of pregnancy. According to medical experts, it is considered as the most enjoyable part of the pregnancy experience. This is related to the fact that symptoms such as fatigue and morning sickness are usually not felt anymore. This is the time when the women usually feel contented and happy.

During the second trimester, the fetus inside the mother is continually growing and preparing for the outside world. Because of this, the mother may still experience a number of changes during this period. Some of the most common symptoms during this time include:

  1. Skin changes– Because of hormonal changes, the pregnant woman may experience different skin changes. They may have dark spots on inner thighs and breasts. They may also develop linea nigra which is a dark line in the lower abdominal area. Stretch marks may also appear on the different parts of the body.
  2. Breathlessness– The growing uterus can result to breathlessness because it can crowd the lungs. It is best to take it easy and to not do activities which will need too much effort.
  3.  Vaginal discharge– Thin and white vaginal discharge is often normal during the second trimester.  If the discharge has a foul-smelling odor, it is best to contact the doctor. Foul-smelling and greenish discharge may be signs of infection.
  4. Nose congestion– Because of hormonal changes, nose congestion may be experienced during this period. In some cases, nose bleeding may also occur. Using a humidifier may help if there is too much congestion. It may also help to increase fluid intake, unless, contraindicated.
  5. Backache– During pregnancy, it is normal to gain weight since the fetus is also growing. The weight gain may put pressure on the woman’s back. A chair which can provide a good support may help.

Most women who have experienced being pregnant reported that the second trimester is the easiest period of pregnancy. Knowing what to expect may also help in the experience itself. It should also be noted that regular consultation with the doctor is very important.