What are the Risks of a C-Section

A Cesarean section is a procedure to deliver a baby. It is done when natural birth method cannot be used or if the pregnant woman chooses this specific method. This method is also known as C-Section. During the procedure, the baby is taken out through the abdomen of the mother and not through the vaginal canal. There are different reasons why a Cesarean Section is needed such as the following:

  • Maternal health problems
  • Too much fetal distress
  • Awkward position of the baby in which natural birth method is impossible
  • Ratio of the size of the baby and the pelvic inlet of the mother is not compatible
  • Fetus is dead already and natural birth is not possible
  • Baby is over-due and labor has not started yet

Just like any other procedures, the C-Section can pose a lot of different risks and complications for both the mother and the baby such as:

  • Increased risk for infection after the surgical procedure especially uterine infection
  • Bowel problems such as constipation after
  • Higher risk of blot clots compared to the natural birthing method
  • Increased risk of damage to organs
  • Maternal death is higher compared to the natural method
  • Increased risk of cuts for the baby from the surgical instruments
  • Increased risk of maternal complications on future pregnancies such as placenta previa and ectopic pregnancies
  • More blood is loss
  • Anesthetic effects will be experienced after such as nausea and headache
  • The baby can experience breathing problems
  • Loss of control for the woman since she will not experience an active birthing method
  • According to studies, a C-Section may also decrease a woman’s fertility
  • After the procedure, the nursing session may be delayed


There are many things and factors to consider in choosing the right birthing method. It is best to talk to your health care provider since every pregnancy experience is unique. Ask for help from your doctor and family. You should weigh all the pros and cons of the method you choose.