What Foods Women Must Avoid Before Pregnancy

If a woman is ready to conceive, she must physically and mentally prepare her body. It is not usually a good idea to start eating right only when one is pregnant. Good habits should start the moment you are trying to conceive a baby. Listed below are just some of the things to avoid if one plans to get pregnant soon.

Avoid Fatty Foods
Fatty foods like fried foods and sweet foods should be avoided. It is important that a woman not gain too much weight. Being obese and being overweight decreases fertility.

Avoid processed foods
A woman must try to eat healthy when trying to conceive. She should avoid artificial sweeteners, processed foods like junk foods, canned goods and artificially preserved foods. Processed foods contain chemicals which may have an effect on a woman’s fertility.

Avoid alcohol
Alcohol has been linked to decreased fertility. What’s more, if a woman is unaware that she is pregnant, the alcohol could have a negative effect on the fetus. It is best to stay on the safe side. If you are planning on conceiving, ditch the alcohol.

Avoid Coffee
Drinking more than 2 cups of coffee per day increases the likelihood of a miscarriage.

Avoid Raw Foods or Undercooked Meats
A woman must avoid raw foods and undercooked meats if she plans to conceive. This is because this may lead to a bacteria or parasite infection. It is said that even soft cheeses should be avoided since it contains bacteria.