What Happens in the Second Trimester of Pregnancy?

The transformation in a pregnant woman’s body should not be a cause for alarm as these are considered normal due to hormonal changes. Although the huge changes are usually taking place during the first trimester of pregnancy, it is no longer surprising that there are additional symptoms during the second trimester as your baby grows more quickly. However, pregnant women feel a lot better during the second trimester than first trimester of pregnancy.

Morning sickness can still be experienced even in the second trimester. In fact, these bouts of nausea will continue to lift.
The uterus also starts to become heavier and larger. This is the most obvious symptoms that can be noticed in a woman already in the second trimester of pregnancy. The baby starts to grow fast during this period and this is also the stage where the sex of the baby is identified.
Breasts also become larger due to estrogen and progesterone stimulation. The breasts also store additional fat and a supportive bra must be worn as the breasts get heavier.
Skin pigmentation may also be present and faint, dark line can be noticed down the pregnant woman’s abdomen. This line is referred to as linea nigra.
Kidney and bladder infections due to hormonal changes.