What Happens in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy?

The third trimester of pregnancy is the most exciting stage because the due date is approaching. This is also the time when the expectant mom is slowly getting tired of being pregnant. This is a normal feeling because meeting an adorable child face to face after 9 months can really bring inexplicable joy. During this stage, pre-natal check-ups are more frequent than the first and second trimester. This is due to the fact that the child’s health is monitored to ensure that the mother is going to give birth to a healthy baby.

The symptoms of third trimester of pregnancy:

As the baby grows, pregnant women will also start gaining weight rapidly. Usually, they gain one pound per week or a total of 30 pounds. It can also be possible to gain more than 30 pounds depending on food intake of the expectant mom.
The energy also decreases especially as the mom enters the ninth month. Even movements start to slow down and this is completely normal. It is essential for pregnant moms to get enough rest at this stage and to avoid consuming large meals especially at nighttime.
Contractions can also be experienced and when it becomes regular and at short intervals, this can be a sign of labor.