What is the First Trimester of Pregnancy Symptoms?

Pregnancy is such an exciting stage for expectant moms and changes are slowly taking place. The first trimester is the crucial stage of pregnancy as this is where the sudden transformation occurs. For first-time moms, the changes can be both overwhelming and frightening. It is not only the pregnant woman that should pay heed to the first trimester of pregnancy symptoms but father-to-be and other members of the family as well.

Morning sickness: Although this is referred to as morning sickness, it can strike anytime of the day and even at nighttime. Usually, bouts of nausea begin three weeks after conception. Morning sickness happens due to the rise of estrogen and progesterone levels, causing the stomach to empty in a slow manner.

Increased urination: Pregnant women may also have frequent urination, usually taking place at night.

Swollen, tender breasts: These take place due to hormonal changes. Sometimes, the breasts might feel tingly, sore and heavier.

Constipation: This is another symptom that most pregnant women are complaining about during the first trimester of their pregnancy because of the changes in the digestive system.

Dizziness: Blood pressure drops and blood vessels dilate during pregnancy. This leaves pregnant women dizzy or lightheaded.

Fatigue: The soar of progesterone often causes pregnant women to feel sleepy. It is also possible to have lower blood pressure, blood sugar levels and increased blood production during the first trimester