What sort of baby poo and stool movement is not normal?

Your baby may is likely to be suffering from diarrhoea when:
Pooing movement and frequency is not normal, eg. Pooing more often or large amount
Poo is runny
Poo is explosive

What bottle-fed babies are more likely to suffer from diarrhoea compared to bottle-fed babies
The reason behind this is because breast milk help to prevent the growth of the bacteria that cause diarrhoea. If you bottle feeding your babies, it is important to keep your milk bottle and accessories clean by sterilizing them

Other reasons include baby consuming too much fruit or juice, reaction to a medication or sensitivity to certain milk powder or food.

If you suspect that it is due to the brand and formula of the milk powder that you are feeding the baby, try talking to your doctor before switching milk powder brands.

More importantly, if diarrhoea stilll not clear up within 24 hours, please visit your doctor immediately as the diarrhoea put the baby at risk of dehydration.