What Supplements Should I Take During Pregnancy?

Part of giving birth to a healthy baby is making sure that the child is properly nourished. Aside from consuming the right food types, it is also important to take supplements to keep illnesses at bay. These supplements are usually prescribed during prenatal checkups.

Supplements that should be taken during pregnancy:

Iron: This vitamin is nutrient is usually present in prenatal vitamins and it is responsible for the muscles’ development in both the mother and the baby. It is an essential nutrient because it prevent anemia. Regular intake of iron can also lower the risk of low birth weight and pre-term birth.
Folic acid: Birth defects can be prevented with regular intake of folic acid. Pregnant women can get this nutrient from food and supplements. Aside from preventing birth defects, folic acid can also help to protect women against stroke and cancer.
Calcium: During pregnancy, it is also a must for both moms and baby to keep their bones and teeth strong and healthy. This is why calcium is also necessary. It is not enough that moms get calcium from the food they eat. They also need additional supplements so they will have sufficient intake of this nutrient. When they are not getting sufficient calcium, serious health conditions may be experienced.

Pregnant women must consult with a doctor before taking any types supplement. There are supplements that can pose a threat to one’s health when ingested during pregnancy. It is also important to follow the correct dosage as taking large doses can also be considered risky.