What to Do When Your Newborn Cries?

Newborn cries are too much to bear for some parents. It is important that you know how to appease your baby to keep the tears away.

Studies show that newborn babies can cry for a maximum of two hours or longer every day. Every time your baby cries, it only means one thing – he/she is telling you that something is wrong. Since your baby can’t talk yet, you need to figure things out.

Generally, a baby cries when hungry, tired, wet, want movement (rocking or walking), and want to be bundled, lonely, feeling hot/cold, want to suck, or had enough of visual stimulation/movement. If you’ve already addressed all these things and your baby is still crying, then you let your baby cry a little more. Just let it out and though it’s agonizing, your baby will soon stop wailing.

Crying spells are normal especially when your baby reaches 6-8 weeks. After that, it will decrease. To make sure that you can handle the crying, you also need to take a break and get some rest. You can ask your partner to hold your baby for awhile as you take a bath or just rest.

Time passes quickly and soon enough, you will see that your baby has grown.