What to eat during third trimester of pregnancy

The third trimester is one of the crucial times during the pregnancy. It is important not to gain too much weight during this time so as to avoid complications during child birth. Also, the mother must continue a healthy and balanced diet to ensure that the baby gets proper nutrition.

Here are just some few tips on what to eat during the third trimester:

Continue to take vitamin supplements
Vitamin supplements should be continued at this time since food is not enough to meet the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals needed for the baby’s full development.

The supplement must have the right amounts of iron and calcium. Iron is important in preventing anemia, which is a common problem during pregnancy. Calcium is needed to build stronger bones for the baby. Folic acid is needed for the continuing brain development of the baby.

Eat Vegetables which are boiled or steamed but not fried
Vegetables are high in fiber and rich in vitamins especially folic acid. Lack of folic acid in the diet may adversely affect the brain development of the child. Among the folic rich foods include beans and breads. Vegetables can either be steamed or boiled to reduce further loss of vitamins which usually happens during deep frying.

Eat lean protein
A mother needs adequate nutrition during this crucial pregnancy period. It is best that the mother eat lots of protein to build her strength and increase her energy levels.

Drink lots of water and fruit juices
Dehydration may lead to premature labor. Make sure that you get more than enough amounts of water whether it through drinking just plain water or drinking fruit juices and decaffeinated drinks.