What Type of Food to Avoid During Pregnancy?

It is important for every individual to have a balanced diet and eating healthy foods is essential. The same is true for pregnant women because the baby also needs to be well nourished. That being said, careful food choices must be taken into great consideration to ensure that the child will get the nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential to their growth inside the mother’s womb. If there are foods that need to be consumed by pregnant women, there are also foods to be avoided.
The type of food to avoid during the period of pregnancy:

• Fish with mercury – it is said that mercury, when consumed during pregnancy can be one of the causes brain damage and delays in the child’s development.

• Deli Meat- this kind of meat contains listeria, which is said to cause miscarriage.

• Raw Meat- undercooked meat products can be contaminated by salmonella, bacteria and toxoplasmosis.

• Raw shellfish- when shellfish is undercooked or raw, it can also cause infections that are algae-related.

• Unwashed Leafy Greens- even when pregnant women are encouraged to eat vegetables, it is still important that they are properly washed
may be potentially exposed to toxoplasmosis present in soil where the veggies were grown.

• Soft cheeses- listeria may be present in soft cheeses and must be avoided s it can cause miscarriage.