What You Need to Know About the Second Trimester Diet

The second trimester of pregnancy sees changes and growth not just in the baby but in the mother as well. It is a time when the mothers gain so much weight. There are physical changes in the breasts and the belly starts to grow. Acceptable weight gain is up to 30 pounds. A mother must refrain from dieting to ensure that the baby gets the proper nutrition it truly needs. There is one thing to remember during this second trimester and that is to focus on eating a healthy and balanced diet.

Listed below are just some of the foods pregnant mothers must eat:

Eat more fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals that a growing baby needs. These foods also contain fiber which helps ease constipation that is usually experienced by pregnant women during the second trimester.

Eat Low Fat, Low Sodium and Low Sugar Foods
It is during the second trimester that the mother gains too much weight. Cravings happen during the second trimester and so it is best to avoid sugary foods since it may lead to pregnancy diabetes. Eating low fat foods decreases the chances of weight gain. Lowering the sodium intake helps maintain healthy blood pressure.

Drink More Milk
Getting calcium is very important during the second trimester because it is around this time that the baby’s bone development will start. Make sure to drink at least one glass of low fat milk.