Which Is Better Natural Birth Or C Section?

As much as possible it is ideal to most women to have a vaginal birth or natural birth. This is preferred by most women because of the fact that it is less expensive than the caesarian section or more commonly referred to as the C-section. Although it is true that natural birth is much safer as compared to the C- section, there are cases when the latter is required to ensure much safer delivery of babies.

Natural Birth versus Caesarian
Natural birth reduces the risk of infection and it usually allows the woman to recover faster than caesarean section. When you undergo a natural process of giving birth, the baby is also exposed to beneficial bacteria that protect the child against asthma and food allergies. However, natural birth also has its downside and one of which the fact that this process is less predictable. It is also more painful than caesarian. There might also be possible tearing or episiotomy.

With C-section, giving birth can be a less painful process. There will also be less stinging sensation and post partum bleeding is likely to happen or lighter when it does. However, there is higher risk of infection when C-section is considered. Aside from infection blood clots are also possible. There may also be a series of complications involved in this process.

Both C-section and natural birth have their own risks and benefits. However, it is always best to take our baby’s health into consideration when choosing which route to take.