Why eating Oranges is good for a Healthy Pregnancy

A normal pregnancy is a result of a good and healthy diet. During this stage wherein the baby is developing and growing, it is essential to choose the right kinds of food such as oranges. Incorporating fruits to your diet provides a great source of vitamins and minerals. Aside from the fact that you keep yourself away from different kinds of sickness, your baby is also protected while his/her organs are developing. Thus, whether you peel, slice or grind the oranges, you can reap several health benefits from it in the long run.

A Source of Vitamin C

Oranges contain Vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin that aids in wound healing, bone growth, tissue repair and healthy skin. The anti-oxidant property of Vitamin C protects the cells from damages and boosts the immune system in fighting against infection. Since physicians require pregnant women to meet the daily Vitamin C intake, consumption of oranges can do a lot of help. It enhances the production of collagen which is a structural protein for cartilage, tendon, bone, and skin formation.

Based on research, taking high amounts of Vitamin C will keep the baby away from allergies, wheeze and mental impairment. It also helps the release of zinc and iron which strengthens the immune system. If you want to enjoy the benefits of Vitamin C, you can eat plain oranges or grate its peel and add to porridge, yogurt or salads.

A Source of Folic Acid

Eating an orange a day provides a great source of folic acid. This vitamin is used in the formation of blood cells and tissues, which also supports conception and healthy placenta development. Folic acid promotes neural development and cardiovascular protection. Pregnant women should take more folic acid in order to minimize the risk of having a foetus with neural tube defect.

Keeps the Body Well Hydrated

Orange is composed of 88% water which keeps the body hydrated during pregnancy. This fruit also contains potassium and a low amount of sodium that prevents dehydration and water imbalances. If you want a fruit rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants, oranges can be taken daily during your pregnancy period.

After Pregnancy

Do not stop taking oranges after your baby is born. Oranges can be a healthy snack to improve your figure after labour. Since it has zero fat and less calories, it will certainly help you get back in shape.