Why we chose Thomson Medical over Mount Elizabeth Novena Maternity Packages?

We have been doing a lot of research and comparison on the maternity packages offered by both Thomson Medical and Mount Elizabeth Novena as our gynae only deliver at these two hospitals. After attending the maternity tours and reading reviews online, our decision is leaning towards having our baby deliver at Thomson medical even though it is going to be more expensive and ward is not as nice. To be fair, we shall do a comparison based on our findings so you can decide for yourself as well. This is not a paid review; our comparison is stemmed based on our personal opinion. All prices comparison shall be based on 2016 and 2017 prices with GST included.

To begin our review, we first identify what we are looking for.

  1. We are only looking for single bedded room.
  2. We are also looking to have our baby delivery naturally with the assistance of epidural
  3. Companion is driving and shall be staying there thru out the 2 days

Our reviews and comparison shall be based on the above criteria.

Which maternity package is more expensive overall?
Thomson medical has two types of single bedded rooms, there is the normal single bedded room where they charged $3,400.46 and the premier single which is $3,631.58 for normal delivery. The differences between these two types of rooms are first, the normal single bedded rooms are located on the same floor as the 2 and 4 bedded rooms, so they share the same pool of nurses. Whereas the premier single is located on the 5th floor and the nurse only serve the premier single exclusively. That is to say you get more attention.

Secondly for the premier single, the companion get to stay for free with meals provided but for normal single bedded room, companion will need to top up $80. TMC charges differently depending whether your delivery is normal or assisted with epidural.

Mount Elizabeth Novena only has singled bedded room and the charges are $4,127 for both normal and assisted delivery with epidural. There are no premier single rooms like Thomson and companion stay would be $97 per day.

Following is the price comparison.

  • TMC Normal Delivery with Epidural (Premier Single) – $4,145.18
  • TMC Assisted Delivery with Epidural (Premier Single) – $4,389.14
  • Mount Elizabeth Novena Normal / Assisted Delivery with Epidural – $4,127.00 + 97 x 2 (for companion stay)

Following is the detailed price for maternity package offered by TMC.


Following is detailed pricing on the maternity package offered by Mount Elizabeth Novena.


Labour delivery time (for normal delivery)
Thomson medical has a limit of non-chargeable labour time of 7 hours, after which TMC shall start charged based on a block of 4 hours which is $160 for the 1st 4 hours. The next block of 4 hours is $220. TMC start clocking this 7 hours the moment you enter the delivery suite. Good news if you are giving birth at Mount Elizabeth Novena as they do not have this type of additional charges.

Following is what is included in the maternity package by TMC.

Following is what is included in the maternity package by Mount Elizabeth Novena.


As this our first child, we expect the labour time to likely to exceed 7 hours so we take that into consideration in our comparison

  • TMC Normal Delivery with Epidural (Premier Single, Exceed 7 hours) – $4145.18 + $160
  • TMC Assisted Delivery with Epidural (Premier Single, Exceed 7 hours) – $4389.14 + $160
  • Mount Elizabeth Novena Normal / Assisted Delivery with Epidural (Exceed 7 hours) – $4127.00 + 97 x 2 (for companion stay)

Labor delivery time (for careasen )

If you refer to the package inclusion above, you will notice that Mount Elizabeth does offer longer usage of the operating threate compared to Thomson Medical.

Thomson medical maternity package for caesarean is 60 minutes surgery time in operating theatre, 60 minutes use of general or regional anaesthetic plus 15 minutes use of recovery room.

For Mount Elizabeth Novena, it would be 105 minutes surgery time in operating theatre, 105 minutes use of general or regional anaesthetic plus 15 minutes use of recovery room

How about other hidden charges?
TMC charges $33.5/hr on CTG monitoring after 7 hours, Mount Elizabeth Novena start charging after 12 hours, we are not sure of the charges of Mount Elizabeth Novena.

TMC charges for the use of pain relief like laughing gas and the number of sheets you use after you use more than 8 sheets. Mount Elizabeth Novena claimed it is free.

How about the delivery suite?
TMC delivery suite is slightly smaller but both have sofa seats that the companion can sit and wait.

Which room is nicer and overall ambience?
Overall TMC is small and cramp as there is really limited space even at the reception and administrative area. The room is standard and comfortable. It like a baby factory at TMC.

Mount Elizabeth Novena is spacious and new. The room look like a five stars hotel with butler serving the food to your room. There is also a mini bar that you can use. For single room, the minibar is only filled once.

Deposit to book the maternity package
There is no need to pay deposit if you are booking the maternity package at TMC but for Mount Elizabeth Novena you need to pay a deposit of $500 and you need to book one in advance of your EDD.

Number of days
Both hospital start clocking at the same cut off time which is 11pm so if you arrive at 10pm, that one hour from 10pm to 11pm is considered as one day.

Maternity Tour
For TMC, booking for a maternity tour is almost immediate but Mount Elizabeth Novena there is waiting time of 1 month for weekday slots and almost 2 months for a weekend slot when we were booking.

TMC only provide a $3.00 car park coupon and parking is a nightmare as there is limited car parking space. You normally have to valvet. Parking at Mount Elizabeth Novena is a breeze as they are ample parking space as the building is new. If you signed up their package, car parking is also free with unlimited entry and exit.

How about other perks and benefits?
TMC does not provide breast pump but Mount Elizabeth Novena does. TMC provide free maternity courses that you can attend.
Mount Elizabeth Novena provide Lacatation consultant and one time massage. Mount Elizabeth Novena also provide newborn screen to test for G6PD deficiency, determine ABO blood type and determine serum TSH. There is also bilibrubin test for the baby. Both package provide BCG and hepatitis B vaccination.

You may ask why we still choose TMC over Mount Elizabeth Novena when it is cheaper and better. There are several reason that lead to our decisions and following are the reason why:

  1. Our gynae is based on TMC and he is more experienced at TMC
  2. We felt the nurses are more experienced based at TMC based on what we read online
  3. TMC specialize in delivery, unlike Mount Elizabeth Novena which is a general hospital

Mount Elizabeth Novena may offer nicer rooms, better prices with less hidden charges and even more convenience parking but we felt that the delivery process is more important.