Can I afford to get pregnant in Singapore?

Before you decide to conceive, it important that you determine the cost related to pregnancy. Only then can you answer this question – can I afford to get pregnant in Singapore?

A pregnant woman needs to visit her OB-Gyne or gynecologist. A regular visit costs around $60-$75. Depending on the doctor, your succeeding visits can be covered by packaged deals starting at $500. The good thing about these packages is that it already includes charges for consultation and supplements such as folic acid and calcium.

You also need to prepare for laboratory tests and ultrasounds. Ideally, you must undergo 2 to 3 ultrasounds throughout the pregnancy, but it can exceed this number if there are potential complications. The doctor will also request for blood tests, Triple Serum Test, scan of the nuchal fold, etc.

First-time mothers or couples may also undergo prenatal classes. A typical class will charge $200 per session, and you must attend for a total of 5-6 classes.

Delivery costs will vary depending on whether you have normal or a C-section. For normal deliveries, a pregnant mother can deliver with or without epidural. The cost can range from $2,000 – $3,000, while caesarian delivery costs more. After giving birth, you can consider hiring a confinement nanny for $2,000 or higher for the first month.

To sum it up, getting pregnant in Singapore will include costs such as prenatal consultation, lab tests before and after delivery, fee for birth certificate, and other unaccounted costs. You can prepare $10,000 or higher once you decide to get pregnant.

The good news is that permanent residents and Singapore citizens can deduct a percentage of the delivery costs through the CPF or Central Provident Fund for the first 4 kids.