Cheapest way to buy Medela Freestyle pump in Singapore

There are two things you must know before you buy a Medela Freestyle pump in Singapore. First the prices are the same everywhere as the prices are controlled by the distributor. You can check online at Pupsik, Mothercare, Toys R U website in Singapore, they are all selling at the same price which is SGD$799.99.

Second, the products are always on discount whether 40% or 50% off to make the deal look attractive but you will notice after applying the discount, it will still turn out to be SGD$799.99. It is not that one merchant has better discount than others.


If the price tag of S$799.99 is way too high for you, we shall recommend you a much cheaper option. The cheaper shopping option will be to buy it in United States and have it ship to Singapore. At Amazon USA, Medela Freestyle pump is only retailing at USD$291.20 ( with free shipping). Based on the current exchanges rates, the estimated buying price after conversion to Singapore dollars would be around SGD$406.


How to get is shipped to Singapore from USA?
There are many parcel forwarding companies such as Vpost, Comgateway and Borderlinx that you can signed up to have this item deliver from the Amazon merchant to your shipping address in United States.

How much does it cost to ship to Singapore?
The total weight of the Medela Freestyle pump including the package is estimated to around 3 kg. The estimated shipment cost including duty and taxes should be around $50 to $60. Some of these parcel forwarding companies will have coupon or credit card promotion that can help you to reduce the shipping cost even further.

What is total price in Singapore dollars if you buy from Amazon USA?
With the shipping fees of $50 and estimated buying price of SGD$406. The total price will be estimated to be SGD$460. Compared to the retailing price of $799.99 in Singapore, that is more than 40% cheaper if you buy in Amazon USA plus shipping it here.

How about power adaptor? Can the United States version be used in Singapore?
The latest Medela breast pump from US is suitable for 100-240V input therefore charger is not needed in Singapore

How about warranty?
Unfortunately this is the only disadvantage that we can think of when buying an electronic gadget from overseas. Medela do not have international warranty. At the end of day, you just have to decide whether to risk the warranty or save more than SGD$330.