Confinement Food Delivery Review

If you are looking for the best confinement food delivery service in Singapore, look no further as Kiasumom reviewed the top confinement caterers. Before we dived deep into reviewing and comparing each these top confinement caterers, let us take some time to understand why eating the right confinement food is so important.

A woman’s body after labor is the weakest and most vulnerable time. That is why Chinese believe in eating the right food during the confinement period which is 28 days after giving birth. Consuming the right dishes and soup will help to nourish the body to ensure great recovery and long term health. When it comes to confinement food, most people will think about adding more black vinegar, sesame oil, ginger, Chinese wolfberry, Chinese herbs or even wine to the food. Unfortunately, this is not totally true. A well-planned 28 days confinement meal is about eating the right food during the right time. Why is it important to eat the right dish and drink the right soup at the right time? The reason is you need to meet the nutrients-needs during the 3 stages of your post-natal recovery. The 3 stages are as follow:

  • Day 1 to 7 (Stage 1): Uterus Recovery and Wound healing. The focus of this stage is to help with the smooth explusion of lochia and regulate the contraction of the uterus.
  • Day 8 to 14 (Stage 2) : Digestive Wellness, Continuous Tissue Repair and Breastfeeding. As your body continue to heal. The food and soup you need at this stage will aid to improved your appetite, digestive function and blood circulation.
  • Day 15 to 28 (Stage 3) : Vitality Booster and Nourishment. As your body start to strengthen, this perfect time to further nourish your body to prepare you for future pregnancies.

During first 7 days, the kind of chinese herbs required are Sheng Hua Tang, Wen Jing Tang, Dang Gui, Dan Shen etc. The dishes cook with these chinese herbs will help in uterus contraction, expel lochia, improve healing of wounds and replace iron and fluid. For stage 2 and 3, a different set of dishes will aid in the recovery processes. This explained why having a well-planned confinement meals is important to meet the needs during you’re at different stages of your recovery phases.

A confinement nanny may know how to handle your newborn but unforunately not all are well-phased in this dietary knowledge to prepare the food you need at different stages of your recovery. This explained why ordering food from a confinement caterer comes in handy. The prices for these caterers range from $1,500 to $2,000 depending on the type of menu packages and which caterer you order from.

Ok enough of the basic information, let start our reviews on the following confinement caterers shortlisted by us.

  • Natal Essentials
  • Chillipadi
  • Nannysos
  • (Richfood Group)
  • Thomson Medical
  • Happy Mummy
  • Kims Kitchen
  • The Natal Kitchen

Prices Comparison
Following are the prices based on the different menus for each of the confinement caterers listed above. Some caterers offer two to three types of menu, some includes both lunch and dinner for 28 days while some packages are for 14 days and some packages only include either lunch or dinner only. That is why prices vary.

Prices quoted in SGD after GST

CatererPricesMenu Package$167828 Day Dual-meal (Lunch & Dinner)$87528 Day Single-meal (Lunch OR Dinner)$131421 Day Dual-meal (Lunch & Dinner)$66221 Day Single-meal (Lunch OR Dinner)$87514 Day Dual-meal (Lunch & Dinner)$44714 Day Single-meal (Lunch OR Dinner)$1600Package 1 – 28 Days (Mon-Sun)$1200Package 2 - 20 weekday (Mon-Fri)$840Package 3 - 14 days (Lunch & Dinner)$890Package 3A - 28 days (Lunch OR Dinner)$430Package 4 - 7 days (Lunch & Dinner)$450Package 4A - 14 days (Lunch OR Dinner)
Thomson Medical$198028-DAY LUNCH & DINNER
Thomson Medical$188028-DAY LUNCH & DINNER (CLINIC PROMO)
Thomson Medical$188028-Day Lunch & Dinner (NTUC Silver Card Promo)
Thomson Medical$118814-Day Lunch & Dinner
Thomson Medical$118828-Day Lunch OR Dinner
Thomson Medical$64314-Day Lunch OR Dinner
Thomson Medical$6437-Day Lunch & Dinner
Thomson Medical$4887-Day Lunch OR Dinner$159828 Days (Lunch & Dinner) - Standard/Twin Meals (HMB28)$119820 Days (Lunch & Dinner) - Standard/Twin Meals (HMB20)$83814 Days (Lunch & Dinner) - Standard/Twin Meals (HMB14)$4387 Days (Lunch & Dinner) - Standard/Twin Meals (HMB7)$88828 Days (Lunch) - Standard/Single Meals (HML28)$68820 Days (Lunch) - Standard/Single Meals (HML20)$42814 Days (Lunch) - Standard/Single Meals (HML14)$88828 Days (Dinner) - Standard/Single Meals (HMD28)$68820 Days (Dinner) - Standard/Single Meals (HMD20)$42814 Days (Dinner) - Standard/Single Meals (HMD14)$219828 Days (Lunch & Dinner) - Premium/Twin Meals (PMB28)$158820 Days (Lunch & Dinner) - Premium/Twin Meals (PMB20)$109814 Days (Lunch & Dinner) - Premium/Twin Meals (PMB14)$5987 Days (Lunch & Dinner) - Premium/Twin Meals (PMB7)$118828 Days (Lunch) - Premium/Single Meals (PML28)$108820 Days (Lunch) - Premium/Single Meals (PML20)$59814 Days (Lunch) - Premium/Single Meals (PML14)$118828 Days (Dinner) - Premium/Single Meals (PMD28)$108820 Days (Dinner) - Premium/Single Meals (PMD20)$59814 Days (Dinner) - Premium/Single Meals (PMD14)$1529T1 – 28 Days (Lunch & Dinner)$1129T2 – 20 Days (Lunch & Dinner)$809T3 – 14 Days (Lunch & Dinner)$409T4 – 7 Days (Lunch & Dinner)$770S1 – 28 Days (Lunch OR Dinner)$589S2 – 20 Days (Lunch OR Dinner)$409S3 – 14 Days (Lunch OR Dinner)$138028 Days (Lunch & Dinner) - Traditional$77728 Days (Lunch OR Dinner) - Traditional$108020 Days (Lunch & Dinner) - Traditional$53020 Days (Lunch OR Dinner) - Traditional$75014 Days (Lunch & Dinner) - Traditional$37914 Days (Lunch OR Dinner) - Traditional$3797 Days (Lunch & Dinner) - Traditional$220028 Days (Lunch & Dinner) - Revitalise$118828 Days (Lunch OR Dinner) - Revitalise$158020 Days (Lunch & Dinner) - Revitalise$108020 Days (Lunch OR Dinner) - Revitalise$110014 Days (Lunch & Dinner) - Revitalise$60014 Days (Lunch OR Dinner) - Revitalise$6007 Days (Lunch & Dinner) - Revitalise
Natalessentials$169928-Day (Lunch & Dinner)
Natalessentials$127120-Day (Lunch & Dinner)
Natalessentials$127120-Day (Lunch & Dinner) - weekdays Only
Natalessentials$87528-Day (Lunch)
Natalessentials$87528-Day (Dinner)
Natalessentials$87514-Day (Lunch & Dinner)
Natalessentials$44714-Day (Lunch)
Natalessentials$44714-Day (Dinner)
Natalessentials$4477-Day (Lunch & Dinner)

Ingredient used and type of food served
The dishes are key but the ingredient used is just as important as well. Following compared some of the details for each confinement meal.

CatererRemark Meals come with Confinement Longan Tea, Steam/Brown Rice
Confinementfood.comAll meals are served with complimentary (500ml) Longan Red Dates Confinement Tea. Complimentary Steamed Rice is served with all meals except for Saturdays & Sundays dinner - Fried Rice will be served instead.
Thomson MedicalAll Meals come with 2 main dishes, 1 soup, fragrant white rice and longan tea.
Happy-mummy.comAll meals will be served with Rice or Brown Rice (Lunch and Dinner)
Confinement-meals.comNO MSG. All Meals with Complimentary Logan Red Dates Tea and Plain Rice (Fried Rice w/ Ginger & Eggs served on every Wednesday – Dinner Only). SALT or MSG, only sesame oil is used.
NatalessentialsMenu include 1pkt of Rice & Red Dates Longan Tea (abt 400ml) for every meal.

Menu Variety
Following is a comparison on the menu varieties. Some of the caterers has a fixed menu for every week while some repeat their menu for every alternate week. In our opinion, the food served should be catered based on the confinement needs for that week based on the three stages of recovery.

CatererMenu Review Confinement Food Menu for Week 1 & 3 / Week 2 & 4
Confinementfood.com2 sets of Confinement Food Menu. Alternating between odd and even week
Thomson MedicalA Confinement Food Menu designed for 28 days. Different set of meal each day.
Happy-mummy.comSame Menu for Week 1 & 3 / Week 2 & 4
Confinement-meals.comWeek 1 is different. Following by Week A, B and C Menu for Week 1 & 3 / Week 2 & 4
NatalessentialsWeek 1 is different. Week 2, 3 and 4 same menu

Delivery Time
What time the food is served is another important factor when considering which confinement food caterer. Following is comparison of the delivery time.

CatererDelivery Time 10.30am to 1.30pm;
Dinner: 4.30pm to 7pm
Confinementfood.comLunch: 11am - 1.30pm
Dinner: 5pm - 7.30pm
Thomson MedicalLunch between 11:00am to 2:00pm and Dinner 4:30pm to 7:30pm
Happy-mummy.comLunch – 10.00 am to 1.00 pm
Dinner – 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm
Confinement-meals.comLunch – 10.30am to 1.30pm
Dinner – 4.00pm to 7.00pm
NatalessentialsLunch will be delivered from 10am to 1pm and dinner, from 4-7pm.

How the Food is served?
Find out how the food is packed for each caterer below:

CatererPackaging Info layer Tingkat for food; Flask for Confinement Tea. Microwavable container will be used on last delivery
Confinementfood.commicrowaveable Tupperware containers
Thomson MedicalOne set of Tiffin consisting of 4 containers and 1 thermos in a bag will be on loan to customer daily for exchange during the delivery period. Customer is responsible for the cleanliness, loss and damage of this Tiffin set. Microwavable containers will be used for the last delivery.
Happy-mummy.com3 Thermal Tub and 1 Flask will be on loan to customers every day for exchange during the service period. The Customer is responsible for the cleanliness, lost and damage of the loaned food thermal tub ($25.00) and Flask ($25). Microwaveable Container will be served for the last day/meal of the confinement.
Confinement-meals.comMicrowaveable disposable containers.
NatalessentialsTwo bags are allocated to each customer. Thermal bags are to be returned to delivery personnel on a daily basis

Trial Meals
If you are still feeling unsure which confinement caterer to choose. Why not order a trial set to find out more. Some caterers sometimes provide food testing session as well.

CatererRemark$ 25 (Regular Price S$35) with 48 hours notice$15 (50% off regular price of $35 - for a limited time only)
Thomson MedicalS$68
Happy-mummy.comLunch or Dinner: S$35. Trial Meal will be served in the microwaveable containers.$32.10 inclusive GST$30. Trial A : Braised Chicken Mushroom, Minced Pork with French Bean and Double Boiled Yellow Bean with Pork Trotters Soup
Trial B : Pig Trotters with Vinegar, Black Chicken Soup with Ginseng, Stir Fried Lotus Root With Meat
NatalessentialsS$ 32.10 (Lunch OR Dinner)

Cancellation Charges
Following cancellation charges apply if you decide to change your mind at the last minute

CatererRemark least 1 working day in advance before 4pm. No cash refund, cancelled meal will be replaced.
Confinementfood.comOnce the meal delivery commences, a 20% penalty fee will apply for any cancellation.
Thomson MedicalPostponement of meals will not be entertained unless it is due to medical reasons. In such cases, postponement is allowed for a maximum of 2 days, and it must be supported by a doctor's letter.
Happy-mummy.comFor meal cancellation, the customer must notify our kitchen one day in advance before 3 pm. All canceled meals will be replaced. Only allow two times cancellation. No refund in cash will be given.
Confinement-meals.comFor meal cancellation, customer must notify us at least 1 day in advance before 5pm. All cancelled meals will be replaced. No refund in cash will be given.
Natalessentialsone working day in advance before 4pm. All cancelled meals will be replaced and no cash refund is allowed.