Lao Ban Niang Confinement Herbal Package Review

In this article we shall be reviewing one of Lao Ban Niang’s hottest selling products, the 30 Days Confinement Herbal Soup. For those who have never heard of Lao Ban Niang, Lao Ban Niang is an online TCM website started by Geck Huat Trading ???? that specializes in selling TCM and chinese provision. Geck Huat Trading have been in business for over 30 years at Albert Centre. This product can be found at their retail store but if you are too lazy to travel all the way down, you can be easily purchase this online from their website at Following is how the Lao Ban Niang 30 days Confinement Herbal Package look like.

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When you unboxed the package, you will find individually packed mixed chinese herb that are packed in small plastic boxes.

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Even though there are 32 packages for 30 days, you will not find 30 different soups as several soup are repeated a few times.

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On the exterior of every soup pack, you will find a label that provide information on the type of the soup, the herbs within it and the day that you should be boiling and making this soup. For example the following “Body Cleansing Soup” should be drank on Day 1.

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What we find great about this product is it does save you and your confinement nanny time in thinking what soup to cook daily. More importantly, according to the staff of Lao Ban Niang, the kind of the soup prescribed each day is carefully designed to cater to the needs of the confinement mother at different stage of the confinement period. For example, during the early stage of the confinement, the type of herbs used to make the soup is less heaty compared to those soups at the end part. Drinking the right soup at the right time is important to help individual recovers. The package also comes with a booklet below.

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As explained in the booklet found in the package, there are 3 stages of recovery during the confinement period. Each soup is packed with chinese herbs that is catered specially for each stage of the recovery.

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The booklet also provide clear cooking instruction. It is so simple that you don’t need to be a masterchef to cook it.

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Whether you are hiring a confinement nanny or getting your own mother to do the confinement, this 30 days soup package is convenient and provides the essential herbs that you need for your daily soup at the different stage of recovery.

This confinement soup cost SGD$238 and as mentioned above you can order online at their website or at their retail store, Geck Huat Trading ???? located at Blk 270 Queen Street #03-55/56 Albert Centre Singapore 180270