Mount Alvernia vs Mount Elizabeth Novena vs Thomson Medical Maternity package

If you are giving birth in 2016 or even 2017 but have yet to decide where you plan to deliver, let us help you make that decision by comparing the delivery charges and maternity packages from three popular hospitals in Singapore. These three hospitals are Mount Alvernia, Mount Elizabeth Novena and Thomson Medical.

Type of Room and Maternity packages prices
At Thomson Medical centre (or TMC), the types of room available include single, double, four bedded and more premier rooms such as Suite and Premier Deluxe depending on your budget. When you book your maternity package at Thomson medical, you can state the type of room that you want. In the event the room of your choice is not available on the day of your delivery, TMC shall upgrade you free of charge. For single bedded, there are premier single and normal single bedded. The differences between both is all the premier single are located on the 5th floor where the nurses there only serve the premier single rooms. For the normal single bedded, they are located on the 3,4 and 6 levels where all the 2 and 4 bedded rooms are located as well. If you prefer a less congested stay with more attention from the nurses, the premier single will be a better choice. For 2016, if you book a premier single room your companion get to stay for free but if you are delivery in 2017, that promotion is no longer available.

At Mount Elizabeth Novena, there are only two types of room available and they are single-bedded and junior suite which is the more premier room. There are no 2 or 4 bedded rooms. When it comes to room availability, you shall be guaranteed as you need to pay a deposit of $500 in advance which is not needed for the other two hospitals.

At Mount Alvernia, there are many different types of packages for different types of room like Family Suite, Super Deluxe, Single – St Michael, Single and 2-Bedded . When you booked your package, you can only state your room preferences but they do not guaranteed it. You will need to choose whatever that is available when you check in on the day of your delivery. Following are the prices for the single

Following are the delivery charges from the Maternity Packages prices for 2017 for these three hospitals.


When does your maternity package start?
Most maternity packages are 2 days for normal birth and 3 days for caesarean but different hospitals have different ways of defining whene they start counting the 1st day. For both Thomson medical and Mount Elizabeth Novena, the package commerce the time when you check in and the cut off time is 11pm. For example if you check in at 10pm, the time between 10 to 11pm is considered a day.

Mount Alvernia is a bit different, it start counting the 1st day the moment you deliver you baby instead of your check in time however they do charged at extra of SGD$442 if you check in before midnight and delivery the next day. For example, you checked in at 6pm but you deliver the next day at 1am. Your package will commenced the next day the moment your deliver but you will be charged an additional SGD$442 because you check in early.

Delivery time and CTG rental
For Thomson Medical, they charged an additional fees in a block of 4 hours at SGD$160 if you exceed 7 hours of normal or assisted vaginal birth. The next 4 hours shall be SGD$220.  TMC also charged $33.5/hr on CTG monitoring after 7 hrs.

For Mount Elizabeth Novena and Mount Alvernia, you can take as long as want to deliver your baby as there is no limit to your labour time but Mount Elizabeth Novena do charged for usage of CTG if it exceed 12 hours.

Pain Relief and Other Miscellanous charges
Thomson Medical is the only hospital that charged for the use of Pain Relief such as  gas & air whereas Mount Elizabeth Novena and Mount Alvernia provide these pain relief for free. Other than that, TMC only provide 8 sheets in the delivery suite. Additional sheet is chargeable at $3.00 per sheet

Companion Stay
All 3 hospitals allow package that is single bedded or better rooms for companion to stay. Following are the charges per night with 4 meals included.

  • Thomson Medical –  SGD$80 per day
  • Mount Elizabeth Novena – $97 per day
  • Mount Alvernia – $80.25 per day

No deposit is required for both Thomson Medical and Mount Alvernia when you book but Mount Elizabeth Novena required a deposit of $500 in advance to confirm your booking.

Maternity Tour
Thomson Medical tour is from Mondays to Fridays at 11:00am and 2.30pm and Saturdays at 10:00am, 11:00am and 12:00nn. No tour will be conducted on Sundays and Public Holidays. The good thing about Thomson Medical is compared to the other two hospitals, you can booked your maternity tour just 1 to 2 weeks in advance. You may also sign up online, at the Information Counter, or call 6358 0055/ 6350 8876.

For Mount Elizabeth Novena, maternity tours are only available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Following are the number to call. Remember to book 2 months ahead as their tour is very popular.
Orchard   +65 6731 2000
Novena    +65 6933 019

For Mount Alvernia, you can book online at their website and waiting time be 1.5 to 2 months. Alternatively you can call 63476788
Monday to Friday: 2.30pm to 3.30pm
Saturday: 10am to 11am and 12pm to 1pm
No tours on Sundays and public holidays

Room condition, Surrounding  and ambiance 
Mount Elizabeth and Mount Alvernia are general hospital whereas Thomson medical is a hospital strictly for labor. When it comes to the condition of the room, Mount Elizabeth Novena ranked above the other two because they are fairly new as the only opened recently. Mount Alvernia also has some newly renovated maternity wards as well.

Car Parking
When it comes to parking, Thomson medical will be a nightmare as they have limited spare compared to Mount Elizabeth and Mount Alvernia.
Thomson Medical – No free parking. Normal rates apply.
Mount Elizabeth Novena – Complimentary
Mount Alvernia – $8.00 a day with multiple entries and exit

Breast Pump Rental
Thomson Medical – No breast pump available so remember to bring your own.
Mount Elizabeth Novena – Complimentary
Mount Alvernia – $21.40 rental fees for the entire stay. Medela breast pump.