Mount Elizabeth Novena Maternity Package Review

This week we shall review the maternity package by Mount Elizabeth Novena and uncover some of tips, hidden charges and things that are not stated explicitly on their price list.

  1. If  you are planning to go for the maternity tour at Mount Elizabeth Novena, remember to book early.  We tried to book for a maternity tour but the earliest weekend date we got is 2 months later and for a weekday tour, it is 1 month later. We wonder is it because it is the hospital is new so many are excited to find out what this new hospital can offer.
  2. What we like about the maternity package offered by Mount Elizabeth Novena is you can take as long as want to deliver your baby as there is no limit to your labour time. You may or may not know that some hospitals do charge extra if your labour time exceed X number of hours.
  3. Even though Mount Elizabeth Novena has no limit to your labour time but they do charges for the additional usage of the CTG monitor if you exceed 12 hours.
  4. Some hospitals charge differently for normal and assisted vaginal delivery (normally more expensive) but for Mount Elizabeth Novena, the charges are the same for both method of delivery.
  5. All single bedders on level 9. The maternity ward consist of only 12 beds. As they only start operation in 2014, everything there is fairly new, spacious and luxurious. It makes you feel like you are in five-star hotel. If the toiletries are from Crabtree & Evelyn. There is also a welcome mini-bar which is not offered by most other hospitals. It is not daily refillable unless you are staying at the junior suite.
  6. There are only single bedded room, there are no 2 or 4 bedded rooms.
  7. If you are looking for a bigger room, the next higher class of rooms will be the junior suite. For Junior suite ( 2016 charges), it will cost you SGD$7962 for Normal / Assisted Delivery and SGD$11,792.52 for Caesarean Delivery. If you booked the junior suite, your companion will get to stay for free. Other than that, you have additional perks like personalised bath demonstration, breastfeeding sessions, mini-bar that is refilled daily, two car park complimentary lots etc. This is more than double if you look at the charges for single room below.
  8. For Caesarean, it would be 1 hr 45 minutes with 15 minutes for the usage of the recovery room. Additional charges apply if you exceed this duration.
  9. The maternity package is normally 2 or 3 days depending whether your birth is nature or caserean. The hospital start counting the number of days based on your “check in” time. The cut off time is 11pm so if you check in at 8pm, that three hours leading to 11 pm shall be considered as 1 day.
  10. There will be a Lacatation consultant and one time massage as well (not sure if it is still available but do check)
  11. To book, you need to book one more ahead of your EDD. A deposit of $500 is required to confirm your booking.
  12. Carparking is complimentary for 1 car during your stay and what is even more important is there are ample parking within the hospital. It also allow you unlimited entry and exit.
  13. If you booked a single room and your companion like to stay, there is addition charge of SGD$97 nett. This include 5 meals a day.
  14. Mount Elizabeth Novena does provide complimentary use of breast pump express.
  15. Usage of pain-relief such as laughing gas is free
  16. Milk powder is available in the various brand . It comes in a tin form and it is available at $1.
  17. Maternity gown is provided FOC
  18. Pre-registration is allowed so you can go straight to the delivery suite on the day you deliver
  19. Overall ambience is good as the hospital is new and spacious but Mount Elizabeth Novena is a general hospital, unlike Thomson Medical Centre or KK that specialise in only delivery.

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Following is details of the charges from their maternity package.

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