Thomson medical maternity package reviews

Thomson Medical Centre (TMC) is one of the most popular hospital in Singapore for giving birth. In this review, we shall provide you some tips and uncover some hidden charges that you may or may not know if you are planning to give birth at Thomson Medical centre.

  1. The total labor time for the package is 7 hours. This 7 hours start the moment you enter the delivery suite. If you exceed the 7 hours labor time that is inclusive in the package, TMC shall start charging block of 4 hours. For the next 8 to 12 hours, it will be SGD$160 and for the next 12 to 26 hours, it will be SGD$220. That is to say if you give birth on 8th hour, for that additional one hour, you still need to pay $160.
  2. TMC also charged $33.5/hr on CTG monitoring after 7 hrs.
  3. No deposit is required to book your maternity package at TMC and you can book anytime before your labour.
  4. The isn’t much different in the size of the room for single-bedded and premier single. They are both almost the same size. If you are looking for a bigger room, you should consider Suite, Premier Deluxe Suite, Super Deluxe Suite.
  5. Premier Single is still very popular compared to Single Bedded. The reason is you received more attention in a premier single compared to single-bedded as there are only 16 + 4 premier single room on the 5th floor. The nurse on the 5th floor only exclusively served this 16 + 4 rooms. For the single bedded rooms, they are located on the 3, 4 and 6th floor and they are on the same level as the 2 and 4 bedded rooms. That is to say the nurses on these floors have to serve the 1, 2 and 4 bedded rooms as well.
  6. For Premier Single, your companion get to stay for free with free breakfast. For Single-bedded, you companion will need to pay SGD$80 per night. For the 2 and 4 bedded rooms, companion is not allowed to stay overnight. In 2016 and 2016, Premier Single room cost $638 (after GST) compared to $530 for single bedded, that is why most people will choose the Premier Single over the single bedded room especially if their companion is planning to stay overnight.
  7. Don’t trust what you read online that you book for a 4-bedded or 2-bedded and get free upgrade. This may or may not happen.
  8. TMC do allow you to pay the difference to upgrade but that is subject to room availability.
  9. If you want better room and better attention , there are Suite, Premier Deluxe Suite, Super Deluxe Suite. These are more expensive room, bigger and they are also less crowded.
  10. TMC start clocking the number of days the moment you check in and the check in cut off time is 11pm. If you check in at 10pm which is an hour to 11pm, for that one hour between 10 to 11 pm, TMC shall be considered that as one day or night. So if you are planning to come, try to come after 11pm if you can hold.
  11. There are total of 12 birth rooms and 6 operation rooms.
  12. If you are not able to breast feed, TMC will choose whatever milk formula available for the baby. If you want your baby to only drink a certain brand, remember to bring your own.
  13. TMC does not provide any breast pump for to express your milk. According to TMC, it is due to hygienic reason.
  14. If you are staying double room or four bedded rooms, your baby is only allowed to be pushed in during visiting hours.
  15. For labour room, only Room 6 & 15 have a tub, a shower and a toilet. Room 7 & 12 only have shower and toilet. If you are planning for hypno-birthing, remember to choose one with a tub. Soaking in a tub can also help to relieve pain.
  16. Pain relief like deep relaxation, ten machine, gas & air are chargeable.
  17. For Hydrotherapy During Labor, you also need to pay the mid-wife for her time in assisting you during the process
  18. TMC only provide 8 sheets in the delivery suite. Additional sheet is chargeable at $3.00 per sheet.
  19. It is adviseable to bring your own gown for comfort.
  20. Bring your own compression stockings and binder as it is chargeable
  21. Labour room seat for partner is a sofa seat which is good as he planning to be there for a long time.
  22. TMC policy is they guaranteed the type of room that you booked. If there are none available, they shall upgrade you to a higher class room. If there are none available, they shall downupgrade you and move you to the room of your choice once it is available.
  23. Remember to bring your own infant hat, baby wrap, botties and mitters as TMC only provide one set which is used immediately after birth and it cannot be reused later when you are bringing the baby home.
  24. During your stay, you are also entitled to attend any maternity courses available.
  25. You may wish to check thomson medical membership. For 1 bedded package you will get $100 off and $80 off for 2-bedded package. You also enjoy 5% off for OSCAR and FA Scan so that is why it is good to sign up early. The membership is $98, you would have breakeven already.
  26. Depending on your doctor fees, the total cost of giving birth at TMC should be around SGD$8 to SGD$12K
  27. No complimentary car parking so it is best you park somewhere else like the HDB carpark opposite TMC or along the road at the private estate behind. The parking rates for TMC is as follow:

Monday – Saturday
7:00 am to 8:59 pm – $3.90 for 1st hour and $1.90 for subsequent half hour
9:00 pm to 6:59 am – $4.00 per entry
Sunday & Public Holiday
7:00 am to 8:59 pm – $3.00 for 1st hour and $1.50 for subsequent half hour
9:00 pm to 6:59 am – $4.00 per entry

Whitley road URA carpark – $0.50 per half hour and a service charge of $2.00 will apply

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Looking at the fine prints on their package brochure that you can download from TMC website, following are what that are included and not included in their maternity package. Take note of those fonts in Red as they charged if you exceed those time limit.

Package Inclusions

  • General ward accommodation and daily treatment fee
  • Medical and surgical supplies within set limits of package quantity
  • Nursing care and common ward procedures
  • BCG and Hepatitis B vaccination (1st dose)
  • Normal / Assisted Vaginal Delivery
  • Delivery facility and 7 hours CTG monitoring
  • Normal / Assisted Vaginal Delivery with Epidural
  • Delivery facility and 7 hours CTG monitoring, IV (intravenous) set and epidural drugs
  • Caesarean Delivery (Elective or Emergency)
  • 60 mins surgery time in Operating Theatre (OT)
  • 60 mins use of general or regional anaesthetic
  • 15 mins use of recovery room
  • OT services (Drugs, Medical Supplies, Equipment, Procedure)

Package Exclusions

  • Accommodation (companion) for Premier Single / Single room only
  • Specific consumables and medications (e.g. Abdominal binder, Antibiotics, Kiwi cup, etc.)
  • New-born hearing screening, Phototherapy, OT surcharge for horoscopic caesarean section,
  • Use of OT, recovery, general anaesthetic in excess of the stipulated time, OT Assistance, Call-back (8.00pm to 7.00am daily)
  • ECG, treadmill tests, radiological contrasts, diagnostic services (CT, MRI, ultrasound, x-ray, etc.)
  • Laboratory tests including blood transfusion products and services. Histopathology, genetic studies, FNA, referred laboratory
  • Rehabilitation services, Out-patient Services, Discharge medications (take home)
  • Non-medical items / services (extra meals, Parent craft services etc.)
  • Pre-admission investigations, Doctors’ fees, Administration fee, auspicious timing.
  • For Emergency Caesarean Delivery
  • Use of forceps or vacuum pump
  • Use of labour ward delivery facility, Entonox, CTG monitoring and other items / services prior to Caesarean delivery (for
    Vaginal-to-Caesarean conversions)