Top 100 most popular Gynae in Singapore Baby Forums

Following are 100 most talked about and recommended male and female gynae in baby forums in Singapore. This data were tabulated usingĀ  popular forums such as, Singaporemotherhood, MummySg, cozycot, Singaporeexpats and Kiasuparents in Singapore. Sort based on alphabetical order. You can sort by gender or the clinic or hospital where each of the doctor practiced in.

Updated (Oct 2016) : You can now click on the doctor names to find out his years of experience as a doctor, when he obtain his specialty and where he graduated from.

Name of DoctorClinicGender
Dr Arthur Tseng Leng AunKK Hospital, Gleneagles Medical CentreM
Dr Adrian TanThomson Medical CenterM
Dr Adrian WoodworthKK HospitalM
Dr AL Lim (Lim Ah Leng)Thomson Medical CenterM
Dr Ang Huai YanGleneagles Medical CentreF
Dr Ann Tan Sian AnnMount Elizabeth Medical CentreF
Dr Lee Lih CharnKK HospitalF
Dr Arunachalam IlancheranMount Elizabeth Medical CentreM
Dr Benjamin Tham Wai LumThomson Medical CenterM
Dr Arthur TsengKK Hospital, Gleneagles Medical CentreM
Dr Roy Ng Kwok WengMount Elizabeth Medical CentreM
Dr Beh Suan TiongThomson Medical CenterM
Dr Ben ChoeyPrivate ClinicM
Dr David Jen Shek WeiPrivate ClinicM
Dr Benjamin ThamThomson Medical CenterM
Dr Loh Seong FeeiThomson Medical CenterM
Dr Caroline KhiThomson Medical CenterF
Dr Chan Kong HonGleneagles Medical CentreM
Dr Kee Swee HaeSH Kee Clinic For Women Pte LtdM
Dr Charles LimMount Elizabeth Medical CentreM
Dr Maurine TsakokCamden Medical CentreF
Dr Chen Lin HanPrivate ClinicM
Dr Cordelia Han Chih ChihPrivate ClinicF
Dr Chee Jing JyeParkway East Medical Centre, Paragon Medical CentreF
Dr Chew SCMount Elizabeth Medical CentreM
Dr Choo Wan LingMount Elizabeth NovenaF
Dr Christopher ChongGleneagles Medical CentreM
Dr Jiah Min LeeKK HospitalF
Dr Chua Tsei MengNational University Hospital (NUH)F
Dr Anthony SiowGleneagles Medical CentreM
Dr Bernerd ChernKK HospitalM
A/Prof John Tee Chee SengKK HospitalM
Dr Chua YangPrivate ClinicF
Dr Annapoorna VenkatNational University Hospital (NUH)F
Dr CK Tho (Tho Chin Keong)Private ClinicM
Dr Claudine TanPrivate ClinicF
Dr Cordelia HanPrivate ClinicF
Dr Cynthia KewKK HospitalF
Dr Denas ChandraParkway East Medical CentreM
Dr Don WongPrivate ClinicM
Dr Douglas OngMount Elizabeth Medical CentreM
Dr Edwin ThiaKK HospitalM
Prof CheranNational University Hospital (NUH)M
Dr Law Wai SengMount Alvernia Medical CentreM
Dr Esther NgPrivate Clinic, Mount Alvernia Medical CentreF
Dr Eunice ChuaThomson Medical CenterF
Dr Fong Chuan WeeGleneagles Medical CentreM
Dr Fong Kah LengParkway East HospitalF
Dr Fong YangMount Elizabeth NovenaM
Dr Geraldine TanThomson Medical CenterF
Dr Goh Shen LiKK HospitalF
Dr Goh Yong ChewPrivate ClinicM
Dr Gordon TanGleneagles Medical CentreM
Dr Lim Teck BengMount Elizabeth Medical CentreM
Prof Chong Yap SengNational University Hospital (NUH)M
Dr Han How ChuanKK HospitalM
Dr Henry ChengThe Women?s Specialist CentreM
Dr Ching Kwok ChoyMount Elizabeth Medical Centre, Mount Alvernia Medical CentreM
Dr Ho Hon KwokMount Alvernia Medical CentreM
Dr Irene ChuaGleneagles Medical CentreF
Dr James LeeNational University Hospital (NUH), Mount Elizabeth Medical CentreM
Dr Janice ChinKK HospitalF
Dr Jasmine MohdKK Hospital, Thomson Medical CenterF
Dr Joachim Hii Hoi Chin
Dr Jocelyn WongPrivate ClinicF
Dr Jason Lim Shau KhngSingapore General Hospital (SGH)M
Dr AnupriyaNational University Hospital (NUH)F
Dr John YamGleneagles Medical Centre, Mount Alvernia Medical CentreM
Dr Joycelyn WongPrivate ClinicF
Dr Judy WongThomson Medical CenterF
Dr Adelina WongThomson Medical CenterF
Dr June TanKK HospitalF
Dr Kang WeeMount Alvernia Medical CentreF
Dr KC Yeo (Yeo Ker Chiang)Thomson Medical CenterM
Dr Kek Lee PhinMount Elizabeth Medical CentreF
Dr Rosalind ChongMount Elizabeth Medical CentreF
Dr Kenneth Edward Lee Mount Alvernia Medical CentreM
Dr Khoo Chong KiatKK HospitalM
Dr Kim Teng TanKK HospitalM
Dr Kowa Nam SingMount Elizabeth Medical CentreM
Dr Shamini Nair
Dr KW Lee (LEE Keen Whye)Gleneagles Medical CentreM
Dr Lawrence AngThomson Women?s Clinic (Sun Plaza)M
Dr LC ChengThomson Medical CenterM
Dr Frances ChiaKK HospitalM
Dr LC Foong (Foong Lian Cheun)Gleneagles Medical CentreM
Dr Lee I WuenPrivate ClinicF
Dr Chen Sze HuaSH Chen Clinic for WomenM
Dr Bernadette Yvonne SoongThomson Medical CenterF
Dr Lee Ngor SimThomson Medical CenterF
Dr Heng Tung LanParkway East HospitalF
Dr Timothy LimKK HospitalM
Dr Lim Lean SoonPrivate ClinicM
Dr Lim Teck ChyePrivate ClinicM
Dr Lim Yuin WenMount Alvernia Medical CentreF
Dr Pritam SinghMount Elizabeth Medical CentreM
Dr Lisa ChinGleneagles Medical CentreF
Dr Loke Kah LeongSingapore Women?s Clinic (Tampines)M
Dr Lubna HarharahParkway East Medical CentreF
Dr Lucky Tun LanParkway East HospitalF
Dr Marianne HendricksThomson Medical CenterF
Dr Mary RauffNational University Hospital (NUH), Mount Elizabeth Medical CentreF
Dr Anita KaleNational University Hospital (NUH)F
Dr Mary YangGleneagles Medical CentreF
Dr Fong Yoke FaiNational University Hospital (NUH)M
Dr Michele LeeNovena Specialist CentreF
Dr Michele Lee Soo LingNovena Specialist CentreF
Dr Oei Pau LingGleneagles Medical CentreF
Dr Patricia Sim Sai LanMount Elizabeth Medical CentreF
Dr Ong Kheng HoMount Elizabeth Medical CentreM
Dr Paul TsengThomson Medical CenterM
Dr PC WongNational University Hospital (NUH)M
Dr Peter ChewGleneagles Medical CentreM
Dr Jeanette ChenThomson Medical CenterF
Dr Phua Soo MearPrivate ClinicM
Dr Poon King FuMount Alvernia Medical Centre, Private ClinicM
Dr Regina ZuzarteKK HospitalF
Dr Brian ChowPrivate ClinicM
Dr Roland ChiengParkway East Hospital, Gleneagles Medical CentreM
Dr Dolly WeeMount Alvernia Medical Centre, Mount Elizabeth Medical CentreF
Dr Selina ChuaMount Elizabeth Medical CentreF
Dr SF Loh (Loh Seong Feei)Thomson Medical CenterM
Dr Sheila LohRaffles Women?s Centre (Raffles Hospital)F
Dr Soon Siew BeeMount Elizabeth Medical CentreF
Dr Steven TeoKK HospitalM
Dr Suresh NairMount Elizabeth Medical CentreM
Dr Suzanna SulaimanKK HospitalF
Dr Tan Hak KoonSingapore General Hospital (SGH)M
Dr Tan Hang YangGleneagles Medical CentreM
Dr Tan Kian SingM
Dr Tan Poh Kok
Dr Tan Yew GheeRaffles Medical GroupM
Dr Tanny ChanGleneagles Medical CentreF
Dr Mariam GeorgeKK HospitalF
Dr TC ChangThomson Medical CenterM
Dr Tham Kok FunGleneagles Medical CentreM
Dr Y.C WongNational University Hospital (NUH)M
Dr John LimPrivate ClinicM
Dr VengaPrivate ClinicM
Dr FM LaiCamden Medical CentreM
Dr Theresa ChengMount Elizabeth Medical CentreF
Dr Watt Wing FongRaffles Medical GroupF
Dr Wee Horng YenKK HospitalM
Dr Wendy TeoThomson Medical CenterF
Dr Wong Mun TatThomson Medical CenterM
Dr Woo Bit HwaPrivate ClinicM
Dr Ben NeoMount Elizabeth Medical CentreM
Dr GV NairPrivate ClinicM
Dr Yam Pei Yuan JohnGleneagles Medical CentreM
Dr Yap Li KeeMount Elizabeth Medical CentreM
Dr Adrian Tan CJThomson Medical CenterM
Dr Yeap MinThomson Medical CenterF
Dr Koh Cheng HuaPrivate ClinicM
Dr Yvonne ChanThomson Medical CenterF
Prof BiswasNational University Hospital (NUH)M
Prof Ho Tew HongKK Hospital, Singapore General Hospital (SGH)M
Prof Ng Soon ChyeGleneagles Medical CentreM
Prof Tay Sun KuieSingapore General Hospital (SGH)M
Dr Mahesh ChoolaniMount Elizabeth NovenaM
Dr Su Li LinaNational University Hospital (NUH)F