What You Need To Know About Pregnancy after an Abortion

There are three types of methods to get an abortion. There’s the scraping method, the pill method and the vacuum method. Getting an abortion is really safe as long as the doctor is very experienced and the right tools are used. However, there is still some potential risk.

Many women who have gotten an abortion are concerned about being able to have another baby. There are no direct links between having an abortion and infertility problems. In fact, it has been discovered that women can get pregnant one week after getting an abortion despite the post-abortion bleeding. Ovulation will still occur even after getting an abortion.

There are however cases when the uterus gets scarred during a routine scraping abortion method. Abortion doesn’t normally cause fertility problems but an improper and inexperienced abortionist may cause problems such as scarring of the uterine wall which can affect future pregnancies. This however is very rare.

The ideal time to get pregnant again is about one month after an abortion. This should allow sufficient time for the uterus to heal. Ideally, however, a mother should wait a few more months to get pregnant so as to be mentally and physically ready for the next pregnancy. To avoid getting pregnant immediately after an abortion, a couple must use contraceptives such as a condom or a pill.